How To Improve PS4 WIFI Speed?

Low WIFI speed can create a serious problem while playing online games. It is the worst nightmare for any gamer if they get stuck during gaming. While playing with your friends you do not want that left yourself behind or separate away from your friends and get killed by your enemy. These are the odds you will face if your connection speed is not good. So, what we can do to increase my WIFI speed for PS4?

First, without any technical settings, you should check that PS4 is in the router range or there is no wall between them, these thick walls can create interference in the network speed which causes data loss and your game got interrupted. If you place your router far from your PS4 then you lose a packet of data that can cause a disturbance.

Reasons for low WIFI speed and how can you solve them:

  1. Outdated devices
  2. Too many devices
  3. Blocked signals
  4. Host server hangups
  5. DNS Settings
  6. Bandwidth blues

1. Outdated devices

Diagnose your device by running a speed test which will give you the download and upload speed status. This process narrows down the source of the slowing speed of your network. This test will find out any WIFI issue that is causing slow speeds. You can change the device if it is out of date.

2. Too Many Devices

Connecting too many devices from a single router can cause slow internet speed. You should remove the unwanted connections from your WIFI settings.

This will helps to increase your WIFI speed and you can enjoy your game without any packet loss.

3. Blocked Signals

Obstacles between the WIFI and PS4 like walls, furniture, and metal objects can cause disruption in signals. A clear way gives you good-quality signals. A router should be in an open location not in the closet or desk drawer.

You should place it on the higher ground level or you should place your Wi-Fi router nearby your device so, there should not be any obstacle between them. A wired connection is the best option to avoid any disruption in networks.

4. Host Server Hangups

The host server is one of the most common causes of slow speed on the internet. The server you are using may be misconfigured or maybe many people using it at the same time which the server can’t handle.

So, you can try to connect after some time after the server is not too equipped.

5. DNS Settings

Domain Name Server(DNS) – changing DNS settings can help you to improve the Wi-Fi speed for your PS4. DNS servers provide the IP address which is associated with the web address you enter. This method can increase your WIFI speed for your PS4.

You can change DNS settings by following methods:

1. Login to your PS4 and go to “Settings”.

Improve PS4 Internet speed

2. Enter “Network Settings”.

Improve PS4 Internet speed

3. Click on “Setup Internet Connection

Improve PS4 Network speed

4. Choose “WIFI”.

Improve PS4 Network speed

5. Select “Custom”.

Improve PS4 WIFI Speed

6. Connect to your WIFI

7. Select “ Automatic“ and look for the DNS screen

Improve PS4 WIFI Speed

8. Choose “Manual”.

Improve PS4 WIFI Speed

9. For “Primary DNS” enter and for “Secondary DNS” enter

Even if this does not work you can check another DNS. Here is some Best DNS for PS4

  • Alternate DNS – –
  • SafeDNS – –
  • Google – –
  • Cloudflare DNS – –
  • SmartViper – –

6. Bandwidth Blues

If you already tried all these methods and still your Wi-Fi speed is not getting up as you want then it’s time to change your network plan or you can change the service provider. Insufficient power and range of the network might be caused by old and weak routers. so, upgrade your plan and switch to a reliable source of the network.

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We give you different methods to get fast WIFI speed for PS4. But if you are not satisfied with the above tips and tricks then you can switch to wired connections. Although there is always an option to switch to new devices or if it is in good condition.

In this dynamic industry, you have to upgrade your device for better results. You can also change your WIFI device and install a new WIFI router.


How can I speed up my PS4 WIFI?

You can change your DNS settings (Domain Name System) to speed up your PS4 WIFI speed. DNS servers provide the IP address which is associated with the web address you enter. Due to this method, you can increase your Wi-Fi speed.

Why is my WIFI on PS4 is slow?

There are many reasons which cause slow WIFI speed like interference between your devices (router and PS4) such as walls, metal objects, and furniture.

You should place your Wi-Fi device near your PS4 to avoid interruption or you can place it on higher ground. Do not put your Wi-Fi device in cabinets or any drawer.

What is the fastest DNS for PS4?

These are some DNS you can use to increase your Wi-Fi speed.

  • Google
  • Cloudflare DNS
  • SafeDNS
  • DNS Advantage
  • OpenDNS Home
  • Dyn

Why my PS4 is lagging with good internet?

If you have a good internet connection and still your PS4 is lagging/freezing then your device may be faulty or broken, or a full hard disk drive is the reason.