Does Google Nest Thermostat Work Without WiFi

Smart devices are made to make people’s daily life easy. Nowadays people are surrounded by many smart devices like smartwatches, smartphones, smart TVs, smart fans, smart AC, and smart Thermostat. A Nest Thermostat device is a smart device that controls the temperature of your surroundings. But does it work without wifi?

Yes! It will work even without an internet connection but the user can not utilize its all functions. Like every smart device Nest Thermostat is also reliant on the internet. It works amazing with the internet by self-learning and controlling heating and cooling in your home or office.

But without the internet, your access to the device will be limited but still, you can control your home temperature like any other traditional thermostat.

In this article, we will discuss how you can use Google Nest Thermostat without WiFi.

How Does Nest Thermostat Work Without WiFi?

Your Nest Thermostat will work as a normal thermostat without wifi. When there is no internet connection you can’t control your Nest remotely but you can control it manually.

You can use Thermostat interface and control the HVAC system but you must program the settings manually because remote control facility will be no longer active.

Your Nest Temperature sensor can also still work because it doesn’t need wifi and runs on Bluetooth.

What Features Does Nest Thermostat Provide Without The Internet?

1. Scheduling

You can schedule the home temperature manually after you lost the wifi connection. You can use the dial-in interface of the thermostat and they will continue to function even without wifi.

2. Check History

You will still have access to your thermostat history, which lets you see how your home has been cooling and heating over the past three months. This makes it simple for you to figure out when the consumption is high and which temperature setting will save you the most money.

3. Nest Eco

You can use the Nest Leaf feature on your thermostat even if you disconnect from Wi-Fi. When you select an energy-efficient temperature for your home, the Nest thermostat displays a Green or Yellow leaf that helps you to develop long-term energy-saving strategies.

However, keep in mind that when connected to the internet, the Nest Leaf features more accurate reports.

4. Nest Temprature Sensor

Like any normal thermostat, nest doesn’t require any wifi connection. You can manually set the different temperatures for your different rooms.


You can use Thermostat interface and control the HVAC system but you must program the settings manually because remote control facility will be no longer active.

What Features Do Not Work Without The Internet?

You can use your Nest Thermostat as a regular Thermostat without the internet. However, there are some features that need a wifi connection and without it, they won’t work.

Nest Mobile App

If your device is disconnected from the wifi then you will not able to control Nest Thermostat with your Mobile phone. Nest mobile app gives you control of the temperature and edits in your settings.

It is very convenient when you are away from your home and want to control your house temperature before you arrive but without wifi, it won’t work.

Smart Home Integration

To communicate with Alexa, Google Home, or other smart home systems, your Nest Thermostat requires an active network connection.

Assuming you’re utilizing your Home to set off any Alexa schedules, for instance, they will quit working until the network connection returns.

Reconnect To The WiFi

There are many reasons that your Nest disconnected to Wifi. Or when you buy a smart Thermostat then you must utilize its all functions, so to reconnect to the internet you can follow some tips.

  • Check Nest Service status. If Nest service is unavailable then your device remains offline until the problem is solved.
  • Check the batteries. If the battery is low then the device will be disconnected from the internet after some time.
  • Check wifi network. If the internet service is disrupted in your area then your device will be disconnected from the wifi. Try to contact your ISP and wait until the problem is solved.
  • Restart your Nest Thermostat. Press thermostat ring for some seconds until the screen turns off. Now Press and release the ring and turn it back on and complete the restart process.
  • Restart your Router. It is the simple and easiest way to solve any bug or connectivity issue. Just unplug your power cord from the power source, wait for 30-40 seconds, and plug it back. after a minute you will be able to connect to the wifi.
  • Contact Customer support. If none of the above methods works then it’s time to leave the matter in expert’s hands and let them do the job. contact customer care and explain your issue, they either will guide you or send someone to your home to resolve the issue.


In conclusion, without Internet connectivity Nest Learning Thermostat loses some of its smart features like Nest mobile app, and Nest smart home integrations, but you can still use it as a normal Thermostat.

All the basic functions will work that don’t need wifi connection so there is nothing to worry and after you got your connectivity you can reconnect it to the wifi.

If you have any quarry related to the topic then drop a message in the comment box.

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Does Nest have a Battery?

Yes! Nest is equipped with a rechargeable battery that helps it to stay powered on. it constantly backup your device when the power is gone. If your thermostat battery is drained or not working properly then call customer support and take their help because it is not user replaceable.

How long does Nest thermostat battery last?

Nest designed their batteries to stand up to two years but it is recommended to check your battery status at least once a year. Nest is a smart device which means it gives a notification when the battery is low or dead or you can also check it manually with the help of Nest App.

Can you program Nest manually?

Yes, you can program Nest manually and schedule the temperature. Mostly it automatically adjusts its temperature when it is connected to internet but if you lose connectivity then manually is also an option for you.

Can we use Nest Smartphone app without WiFi?

No, you can use Nest app without the wifi connectivity because it needs internet to communicate with your Nest Thermostat.