How to Get WiFi While Camping

Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy your vacation. We get away from the hustle of urban life and come close to nature and enjoy the natural environment. During camping, we often disconnected from the rest of the world because there is no network in these remote areas. But what happens if we need it? How can you get wifi while camping?

This is the quarry that many campers ask before camping, how can they get internet service if they need it?

Most people avoid smartphones, laptops, or any other gadgets during camping but if someone needs an urgent situation to get the wifi on their device then how can they do it?

In this article, we going to show you how can you connect to the internet during camping.

What Problems We May Face Getting WiFi During Camping

When you are on camping you are far away from the world and its technology. But in case you need to connect with your friends and family then it is hard to get a proper connection. Because there is no internet connectivity in the remote areas.

It is hard to connect with a proper internet connection but not impossible. You may face some of these issues during establishing the internet wifi connection:

Limited Coverage

In remote areas, there will be limited wifi coverage because there is no cellular tower nearby. As a result, you won’t be able to get a strong and stable internet connection.

Slow Internet Speed

If you establish the network with wifi successfully or your mobile gets the signals then there is still a high chance that you won’t get the proper internet speed on your device. This can happen because of limited bandwidth and high network traffic.

No Power Source

Your WiFi gadgets and your phone require a battery to work, but if your battery is drained and there is no power source to recharge them, then you won’t connect to the internet service. Mostly these remote areas don’t have electricity so it is going to be very difficult for you. Make sure to carry a power bank to charge your gadgets.

Bad Weather

If the weather condition is not good then you won’t able to connect to the internet wifi. Cyclone, heavy rainfall, heavy snowfall, or any other climatic condition affect the connectivity and makes it difficult to get a reliable connection.


Satellite internet and mobile hotspots are two examples of WiFi options that can be pricey, especially if you need to use them for a long time.

Security Breach

There is a possibility that your personal information will be compromised when you use public WiFi on a campground. Use a virtual private network (VPN) and take other security measures to protect your data.

How To Get WiFi During Camping

There are different ways to access the wifi on your device:

Mobile Hotspot

You can use your smartphone to create a personal hotspot connection.

  • To hotspot on an iPhone, go to Settings > Personal Hotspot. Switch the “On” button.
  • To hotspot on an Android, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Hotspot & Tethering. Toggle the button to “on.”

Then, connect your other device like a laptop, or tablet, or share the password with others you want to use your wifi hotspot with. Also, check your data usage because cellular companies give you limited data unless you have an unlimited plan, if you spent all your data then you no longer access the internet.

WiFi Device

A small portable mobile hotspot device work very great when you travel outside. It provides more strong connection and more stable connection. Companies also provide more data with Mobile hotspot devices than regular mobile data.

Plus they have equipped with a battery inside so you don’t have to worry about any external power source. Just buy a new sim card and recharge it with a data plan and you are good to go.

Campground WiFi

Many campgrounds offer free wifi to their guest because they know that their cellular network won’t work here. If someone is in urgent need of internet wifi or want to use it for entertainment purpose they can join their device with campgrounds wifi.

So, Check to see if a campground offers WiFi access and how much coverage there is if you plan to camp there.

WiFi Booster

You can use wifi booster that amplifies your signals and gives you a more stable connection. You can use a WiFi booster to extend the WiFi signal’s range if you are camping near a location with WiFi, such as a campground office, shop, or any nearby tower.

Satellite Internet

You can use satellite internet when camping in a remote area without cellular or WiFi service. It requires a modem and a satellite dish to establish the connection but it cost you very high.

However, it can provide you with internet access even in the most remote locations.


In conclusion, If you need a reliable internet connection to work remotely or watch Netflix around the campfire, then you can use your Mobile hotspot or a portable mobile hotspot device.

If you plan to go far remote area where no cellular tower is available then you can go with satellite internet. It cost you very high but you definitely get the internet connection on your devices.

If you have any quarry related to the topic then let us know and drop a message in the comment box.

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1. How do I connect to WiFi at a campground?

You can get WiFi while camping by using a mobile hotspot device, hot-spotting from your phone, or boosting campground Wi-Fi signals into your RV. 

If you’re camping in an area with cell phone service, you can turn your phone into a personal hotspot (which shares your phone’s data with a laptop or other device) or sign up for 4G LTE internet service from Blazing Hog Internet or Ladybug Wireless (which is a good idea if you’re going to be camping for an extended period of time). 

Portable satellite internet may be your only option if you will be in extremely remote areas, but it may require setting up or repositioning a satellite dish every time you make a trip.

2. What are the best camping internet options?

The best internet option for your camping trip is determined by your budget and location.

If you’ll be traveling frequently and require reliable data, we recommend a mobile hotspot device (which will only work if you’re camping in an area with cell phone service). 

You can also use campground Wi-Fi or your mobile phone as a personal hotspot for casual internet use (which has data limitations).