How To Fix Google WiFi Orange Light (Easy Tips)

Are you also troubled with your Google wifi when it shows the orange light? I have noticed that it shows orange light when there is trouble connecting the device with the wifi system and it is a common issue that many users face when they connect any new device. So I come up with a solution to fix Google WiFi Orange Light once and for all.

Google WiFi is indeed one of the Best wifi devices in the market. It provides multiple wifi points that extend the wifi range throughout your home. I often see some indicating lights in my Google wifi device that tells me its activity or status. A Google wifi shows orange light when there is a problem with connectivity.

Or you can say that the device is not properly connected to the internet and there is some issue with the network configuration.

This article will explain what the Google WiFi orange light means and how to fix it. This problem primarily affects “WiFi points.”

Meaning of Different Lights On Google WiFi

There are many lights other than orange light blinks in Google WiFi. So, you need to know what the meaning of those different lights is.

The different colors represent these different things on Google WiFi:

1. No Colour – It means the WiFi device is not connected to the internet and there is no electric supply.

2. Solid Blue – This means the WiFi device is factory resetting. You can connect to the WiFi after 10 minutes.

3. Red Light – It means the device has a serious issue. So, you should contact customer support.

4. Solid Teal – This light means the device is ready to use and there is an internet connection available.

5. Pulsing Blue Light – It means the WiFi device is trying to connect. This can also indicate that the device is upgrading. So, you should set up this device in the app and you can wait for the upgrade to complete.

6. Pulsing Amber Light – The orange light Blinking on the device shows that there is some issue with the internet connection.

What is the meaning of Orange Light flashing on Google WiFi?

When you are not able to connect to a hotspot device, then you should check Google WiFi. If orange light blinks on the device, then there is some problem with your internet connection.

This problem can happen due to some reasons:

1. No internet signal – the reason may be the internet is not working and internet service providers performing maintenance to improve their service.

2. Faulty cables – Check if the Ethernet cable has any damage. If there is damage, you can get issues with the internet connection.

3. Modem Problem – If Google WiFi will not connect to the modem properly, then you can’t connect your device to the internet connection properly.

4. Old Firmware – It is a very rare chance that an issue will happen due to this, but it can also be a factor for Good Wifi Orange light.

How To Fix Google WiFi Orange Light?

After you know the reasons behind the orange light and what different types of lights on Google WiFi mean, now let’s discuss the solutions to fix this issue.

If the light is flashing other than red, then you can fix this issue on your own. Let’s move forward.

1. Restarting Google WiFi

You can restart your Wifi point to fix the issue of the orange light blinking. This process can also solve your other problems with the internet connection and you will get a strong and fast connection.

To restart, follow these steps:

1. Cut the power supply from the device and wait for 30 seconds.

2. Now, give the power supply to the device.

3. Turn on the device.

4. Wait for at least 2 minutes for the device to get back online.

5. Now connect with the device.

This process can solve the issue of Google WiFi devices. If you still don’t get the issue solved, then try other methods.

2. Checking Ethernet Cable

Google WiFi requires a strong cable connection to the modem to provide a better internet connection. You should check the ethernet cable if the orange light is blinking on the device.

You should check if the ethernet cable is properly connected to both modem and Google WiFi and there should not be any damage or bent in the ethernet cable.

In most cases, fixing the ethernet cables can solve the issue of orange light. But if you still have the issue, then try other methods.

3. Resetting Google WiFi

You need to factory reset your Google WiFi to solve the issue of the orange light. But keep in mind that it will delete all your data and the errors which are preventing the device from connecting to the internet.

To reset, follow these steps:

1. Install the Google WiFi app on your mobile phone.

2. Open the app.

3. Select Settings and then Network.

4. Select Factory reset.

This process can take up to 10 minutes to complete. After this process, a solid Blue light will flash on your device. You need to set up your device again because all your data will be removed in this process.

4. Checking the Modem

After performing the above steps, if the issue of the orange light is not fixed, now you need to check the modem. The modem should be connected properly to Google WiFi.

The modem can also be damaged in some areas, so check it properly. If it isn’t checked, you will see the orange light in Google WiFi.

You should reset your modem to establish a new connection with the internet service provider.

5. Updating Firmware

Outdated firmware can cause the issue in lots of devices to not function properly. So, every device needs to be updated from time to time.

If you think that Google is not updating the firmware automatically, then you can do it manually with the help of a mobile app.

Open Google app on your mobile phone, go to networks and you can see the latest version of the firmware there. You can upgrade the firmware by simply clicking on Update and waiting until the downloading is finished.

After updating, reconnect with Google WiFi again.

6. Contact Google WiFi Customer Support

After checking modems and connections, the problem can be due to the internet connection. It may be because your internet service provider is performing maintenance.

In this situation, you need to contact customer support to know if they have any idea about the internet problem in your area.

If customer support is unable to help you, then a technician will be sent to your home to check the issue. He will check all the connections and replace the modem if it is required.

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In conclusion, Google WiFi was created to improve your internet experience and enhanced its wifi signals throughout your home with the help of its wifi points.

Google wifi indicates different lights which have different meanings that you need to understand to troubleshoot the issue.

If you have any quarry related to the topic then let us know in the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much speed can Google WiFi handle?

Google WiFi supports 10/100/1000 Mbps, so it can handle high-speed internet connection.

The speed of the internet depends on the modem and the plan you have subscribed to or purchased with the internet service provider.

2. Can we use Google WiFi with a router?

Technically it will not be suitable. Google WiFi is launched to replace routers and perform all their functions with extra features.

3. How many devices can be connected to Google WiFi?

Google WiFi can connect up to 200 devices at the same time. The speed of the internet will not slow down due to lots of devices connected. So, you can watch any video in 4k resolution without buffering.

It also depends on the speed of the internet provided by your Internet service provider.