Does Google Nest WiFi Work With Verizon FIOS

If you ever wished for a more reliable and secure wifi connection that is easy to set up and control then Google Nest wifi is your answer. Whereas if you want strong and high-speed internet connectivity you can choose Verizon FIOS but can these two work together? Does Google Nest WiFi work with Verizon FIOS?

We all know that Google’s wifi system is compatible with Spectrum, Xfinity, AT&T, and CenturyLink. But what about if you have Verizon FIOS as your Internet service provider? Can you still use Google Nest to improve your wifi network?

Well, the answer is Yes! Google Nest WiFi can work with Verizon FIOS internet service. But there is a bit more than that.

In this article, I am going to guide you on how you can set up Google Nest WiFi with Verizon FIOS and how it works.

How does it work

As I said Google Nest WiFi is compatible with Verizon FIOS but there are some basic things you need to understand to perform a setup.

If Verizon provides you with two different devices one is a Modem and the second is Router then you need to replace the router with a Google Nest wifi device to set it up with the Verizon Fios connection.

If Verizon provides a modem-router combination then you must log in to the quantum gateway and have to Enable the Bridge mode. After that, you have to connect the quantum gateway and Google Nest through an ethernet cable to make it work with the Verizon FIOS network.

Connecting Google Nest with Verizon is easy but first, we have to understand our internet setup by what Verizon service we are using.

If you have Verizon Internet then the process is very easy but if you have both Verizon Internet and tv then it takes some extra steps.

Note: If you have Verizon TV then you have to keep the Verizon router to set up with Google Nest WiFi. But if you have FIOS phone service then it doesn’t matter that you have to change the router.

What Does Your Verizon Router Use MoCA or Ethernet?

First, check what kind of connection your FIOS router use, whether it is MoCA or Ethernet. Older connections mostly use Multimedia over Coaxial Alliance (MoCA) technology. You can take a look at the back of your wifi router is there a circular coax port or a rectangular Ethernet port?

If your Verizon router has an ethernet port then it is easy to connect but if you don’t have then your installation will be done using the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) technology. It just takes some extra step but the process is easy.

  • Find ONT Follow the cable connections that enter your home. The box may be located next to your power meter if the wires are underground.
  • To connect your Google Nest Wi-Fi, you must use an Ethernet cable from your optical network terminal (ONT).
  • Open the box, there you will see an RJ45 port with green light.
  • Your Ethernet port from your ONT box shouldn’t function automatically.
  • The Ethernet port from your ONT box should function automatically. Contact Verizon customer support and request a remote activation if it does not work.

If customer support answers that it is impossible, insist that you know it can be done. Alternatively, hang up and call again, keeping in mind that the activation service is complimentary.

Release Verizon DHCP Lease

Verizon uses a temporary IP address for the router to connect to the internet. A standard DHCP lease lasts for 24 hours and it can be changed. But you have to wait for 24 hours to expire the lease before you connect to the new router.

  • Unplug the ethernet cable that is connected to your existing Verizon router and turn it off. Your DCHP lease will then be released automatically after 24 hours. Because the lease requires additional requests to remain valid.
  • Or you can Login to your current Verizon router and use the address
  • After logged in go to network settings
  • Now go to broadband connection>settings
  • Go to DHCP lease and select release
  • Apply the settings and immediately disconnect the router to stop it from getting a new lease.
  • It is safe to connect your Google Nest Wi-Fi point at this point.

Setting Up Google Nest WiFi with FIOS

  • Take an Ethernet cable from LAN/Ethernet port on the ONT box to the WAN port to the WAN port with a globe symbol on the Nest wifi router.
  • Plug in Nest wifi power adaptor to the power source.
  • Download Google Home App from Play Store
  • Open the app and start the setup process.
  • Tap the + button in the app.
  • Now go to Set up device >New device.
  • Choose a home and select your Nest Router.
  • Scan the QR code under the router or manually add the details.
  • Test network connection and Setup Network ID and Password
  • Now you can add additional wifi points to your network.

Setting Up Google Nest WiFi with Verizon FIOS TV

You will notice that excellent services like video on demand and the TV guide are not available, despite the fact that the internet connection is functional.

To make it work, Connect the LAN port from the Nest router to the WAN port older router.

You can purchase a stand-alone MoCA box to enable a coax-to-Ethernet connection, but this will still cost you money in the form of rental fees. Alternatively, you can buy a cheap FiOS router online to access FiOS TV services.

Reboot the device once you are connected and ensure that all of your internet and television services are available.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Google Nest WiFi with Verizon FIOS

Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using Google Nest WiFi with Verizon FIOS.


If you use Nest WiFi with Verizon FIOS then there are many benefits you can get:

  • High-Speed Internet access.
  • Wide range of networks throughout your entire home.
  • Having a router gives you more options for controlling and customizing your home network.
  • You will no longer be required to pay your Internet service provider for additional router rent.


With Nest WiFi, there are very few disadvantages you face:

  • In the starting, you need to pay extra for Nest wifi. So an additional expanse can be your disadvantage.
  • Customer service can be tricky because they can blame your ISP or the Google Nest WiFi for any issue you have.


In conclusion, Yes! You can easily set up a connection between your Google Nest WiFi router and Verizon FIOS. With this easy guide, you can easily set up the process.

Google Nest WiFi is a secure and powerful router that is compatible with your Verizon FIOS connection and making it a good choice for home users. It provides a strong signal and wide coverage throughout your home.

If you have any quarry left related to the topic then drop a message in the comment box.

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Can you use Google Nest Wifi with Verizon Fios?

Yes! you can use Google Nest wifi with Verizon FIOS, All you have to do is connect your Verizon cable to your Nest wifi router and it will create a mesh network with other Nest wifi nodes. For detailed information and steps read the above article.

What other ISP is supported by Google Nest WiFi?

Google’s wifi system is compatible with Spectrum, Xfinity, AT&T, and CenturyLink. It is designed to work with every Internet service provider (ISP) and create an easy setup. With its mesh wifi points, you can get high-speed internet connectivity throughout your home.

Can I use my router with Verizon FIOS?

Yes! you can use your own router with Verizon FIOS. If you have a separate Verizon modem and router then replace their router with yours and connect it with the help of an ethernet cable.

If Verizon modem and router are combined then you have to put Verizon router into bridge mode and then set up your router.