Google WiFi Blinking Red: How To Fix

Are you also annoyed with your Google wifi continuously blinking red? I have noticed that it is a common issue that many users like me face these days. So I decided to do some research and solve the issue once and for all.

The reason I choose Google wifi is for their strong signals. It is a mesh wifi system that gives a wide area coverage than the conventional routers wifi. It uses multiple wifi points together to create a connected system that provides strong signals throughout your home.

But like any other wifi system sometimes it also causes issues like this Red blinking light. A blinking red light means that the router is there is some Technical issue or is not able to connect to the internet. To solve the issue you can simply restart the device or if it doesn’t work then you can reset your router.

So let’s go to the article and say goodbye to the flashing red light issue on Google Wi-fi.

Why Google WiFi Showing Red Light

You often see a white LED on Google wifi that indicates that your router is properly working. But when Google Wifi shows a red light it means the router is not able to connect to the internet. This can be caused by a number of things, Like:

  • A router is not properly connected to the modem or Power source.
  • There could be a problem with the internet service provider.
  • The router may not be configured properly.
  • Faulty cables or device

How To Fix Google Red Light Issue

If you see a red blinking light on your Google wifi router then try these troubleshooting methods to solve the issue.

1. Restart Your Google WiFi Router

The first and simplest solution to the problem is to restart your router. It will resolve all of your minor issues with the router. It reset the connection between your router and the internet and resolves the connectivity issue.

Steps to Restart:

  • Unplug your router from the power source.
  • Wait for a minute.
  • Plug back your router into the power source.
  • Let the router reboot itself.
  • Wait until the wifi indicator light stabilizes and properly connects to the internet.

2. Check your Connections

Check all your connections and make sure that are properly connected. Any loose or damaged cable cause trouble in connecting to the internet and your router will blink red. Check your cables timely to ensure they are not loose or damaged, it helps you to avoid any internet connection problems.

To-do list:

  • Check the connections between Router – Modem – Power source.
  • Check all cables.
  • Remove any faulty cables or properly plugged loose cables.
  • Clean your LAN ports.
  • Try a different port to check the connection.

3. Check Service Availability

Check whether internet service is available in your area or not. Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and ensure is there any problem on their side.
You can check the service outage in your area by visiting the Internet provider’s website. If there is an issue then you have to wait until it solves.

4. Run A Mesh Test

If there is a long distance between the router and the point then it can cause the problem and shows red blinking on your wifi point. Eventually, you will face weak signal strength and slower internet speed.

Read the user manual and see what is the favorable distance between the wifi point and your router and then place it according to them.

To run a mesh test you can use the Google Home app.

  • Open the Google Home App.
  • On the home screen Tap on wifi icon.
  • Select the wifi devices option.
  • Select the Test Mesh option.

After the test, you will get the result in three options – Great / OK / Bad.
Great and Ok shows that your signal strength is good and there is no issue found.
Bad shows that your network is not working and you need to reconfigure your mesh network.

5. Reconfigure Wifi Points

After the Mesh testing on your network if you find a bad signal then it’s time to reconfigure your wifi points.

Configuration helps to clear any issue that causes Google wifi red light issues and makes it to function properly again.

  • Download the Google Home App.
  • Plug wifi point into the power source
  • Wait until it shows Blue light, Blue light indicates that it’s ready for setup.
  • Open the Google Home App.
  • Click on the + icon.
  • Tap on Set up new device > New Device.
  • Select Google wifi point and tap on yes.
  • Enter your name and password for your network.
  • Your setup is complete and now you can enjoy the internet on your wifi point.

6. Factory Reset

A factory reset deletes all of your personal preferences and network configurations and returns the device to its factory settings. It wipes out all the malware and bugs from the system and gets back to its default settings.

After resetting you have to again set up your Google WiFi device from scratch.

Steps to Reset:

  • Find the Reset Button on the back side of your router.
  • Use a paperclip to press and hold the button for about 15 seconds.
  • Let the router reset itself.
  • Don’t turn off the router while resetting.
  • When you see a blue light that means the reset process is complete.
  • Now, once again set up your router from scratch.

7. Contact Customer Support

If you have tried every method to solve the red light issue but your Google WiFi router still blinking Red then, get in touch with the customer support team. Sometimes things are out of our hands so let’s professionals do the job.

Contact customer support through the Google website or you can get in touch with your Home App.


In conclusion, I hope this article helps you to resolve the Google WiFi Blinking Red issue. All these methods are tried and tested and if you are still unable to fix the issue then contact Google support and let them do the job.

If you have any quarry left related to the topic then drop a message in the comment box.

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Why is my Google WiFi blinking red?

If you Google wifi blinking red then it means that it is not connected to the network. There may be a technical issue with your router so to fix it you can reset your device and if it doesn’t work try to contact customer support.

What light Google wifi shows when properly working?

Your Google wifi shows a “White Light” when your router is online and everything working properly. That means you set up Google wifi perfectly and you are good to go. Now enjoy high-speed internet throughout your home.

How can I fix Google WiFi blinking red issue?

To fix the Red light issue you can perform following things:

  • Restart your device
  • Check all wires and make sure they are properly connected.
  • Check Service availability in your area.
  • Factory Reset the device
  • Contact customer support

For detailed information, read the above article and follow the step-by-step process.