Google Fiber Equipment Return (Complete Guide)

If you no longer want to stick with Google Fiber service then cancel their services and return all equipment that comes along. If you don’t know how to return Google Fiber equipment and what are their return policies then it would be difficult for you and you may also face a penalty from Google Fiber.

Google Fiber is a popular internet service provider in the United States. When you subscribe to any plan of Google Fiber, they send you equipment on a lease basis. You can also purchase them but it costs you very high and most people prefer to use lease base system because it is pocket friendly.

To use the service you pay a monthly fee for the equipment. When you discontinue their service, then the company expects the equipment return from you.

So before you return their products you need to know about what products you have to return and what is their return policy.

If you don’t know how to return equipment then don’t worry. In this guide, we will tell you “How To Return Google Fier Equipment”.

What Equipment Do You Need to Return?

You got the equipment from Google Fiber via email when you subscribe to their service.

After canceling the service, they expect their equipment to be returned because they are on a lease basis.

So, these are the equipment you need to return.

  • Google WiFi device
  • Network Box
  • Google Fiber Modem and Router
  • Storage Box
  • Mesh Extender
  • Phone box
  • TV streaming box

These pieces of equipment must be returned to Google Fiber. For detailed knowledge, you can check your Email or any confirmation letter that was earlier received by you. When you subscribe to Google Fiber service they send an Email or confirmation letter that contains all the information like plan details, equipment list, etc.

Check these and find out what kind of equipment you received, this way there will be no chance to forget any equipment that you have to return

When Do You Need to Return Google Fiber Equipment?

These are the situations when you need to return equipment.

1. When You Cancel Subscription Plan

When you cancel a Google Fiber subscription, then you must return the equipment to Google Fiber within the time limit. The company sends you the equipment on a lease basis so you have to give it back.

2. When Receiving A Defective Equipment

When you are newly subscribed to a plan, and if Google Fiber sent you defective equipment by mistake, then you have to contact customer support first.

After that, return the equipment via mail or in person.

3. When You Downgrade or Upgrade Your Subscription Plan

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan if you are not okay with the current plan of Google Fiber.

When you upgrade or downgrade, then you need to return previous equipment. This is necessary because the new plan only works with compatible equipment.

So, the company will send the other equipment in replacement of previous equipment to match the current plan.

4. When Moving to Other Location

If you plan to move to another location due to some reasons where there is no Google Fiber coverage, then you must return equipment to Google Fiber.

When you don’t return the equipment in this situation, then you can be charged lots of dues and charges by the company.

How to Cancel Google Fiber Subscriptions?

Google is user-friendly with its lots of services, but sometimes canceling Google Fiber is a tricky process.

If you want to cancel the subscription before installation, then simply go to the Google Fiber account and Manage the Subscription.

If you want to cancel the subscription after installation, then follow these steps.

1. Visit Google Fiber website.

2. Find Contact page.

3. Request for cancellation by dialing the number or via live chat.

4. Now take a look at the Equipment fee schedule.

5. Return your Google Fiber equipment within 60 days.

6. Now contact customer service again to make sure that the equipment was received by the company.

How to Return Google Fiber Equipment

Follow these steps to return Google Fiber equipment.

1. Cancel or Upgrade Your Plan

The initial step is you have to cancel the plan or upgrade to a new plan. You can easily cancel your plan by following the previous section in this post.

When Upgrading a plan, then you need to factory reset the equipment after upgrading to a new plan.

After this process, FedEx will send you an email with a link to the return label. You can use this label on the shipping box.

2. Pack Equipment in Shipping Box

After you get a return label, the next step is to pack the equipment in the shipping box.

If you have the original box of equipment, then pack the equipment in that box, otherwise use another shipping box.

Make sure to include all accessories with the equipment in the box. You can use bubble wrap to pack equipment with full safety.

Now, use Tape to seal the box perfectly and paste the return label on the box.

3. Return Google Fiber Equipment

Now it’s time to ship the equipment. You can ship the equipment via mail or in person.

After shipping the box, you will receive a receipt of return. You should keep the receipt safe for future purposes.

Where to Return Google Fiber Equipment?

You can return Google Fiber equipment by following these methods.

1. Return Equipment to Google Fiber via Mail

This is the best option to return Google Fiber Equipment. FedEx and USPS handle the process of your equipment return.

You can use FedEx to return the equipment when Upgrading a plan and use USPS when canceling the service.

When canceling the service, you need to print a label from USPS and place it on the shipping box. After that, you can request USPS to pick up the package from your location.

When Upgrading the plan, you will get the return label from FedEx through email. You need to print this label and place it on the shipping box.

If there is no pickup facility available, then you drop off the shipment at your nearest USPS or FedEx store.

2. Return Google Fiber Equipment to Google Fiber Space

If the first method looks uncomfortable or uneven to you, then you can return your Google Fiber Equipment to your nearest Google Fiber Space.

You can check the service availability in your area through and find the nearby Google store. Pack all your equipment carefully and drop off the shipment. This is the fastest way to return your fiber equipment and don’t forget to take the return receipt from them.

How much time does Google Fiber give to Return Equipment?

Google Fiber provides more time than other internet service providers, that’s why this is the first choice of every internet user.

You can return your Equipment within 60 days after canceling, upgrading, or downgrading the plan.

The time frame is the same to return the equipment when you are moving to another location with no Google Fiber coverage.

What will happen if You don’t Return Equipment to Google Fiber?

If you don’t return the equipment after canceling the service, then you can get surprising bills of high amounts.

Google Fiber will charge $180 as a replacement fee for every unreturned piece of equipment.

There is a list of equipment replacement fees for every single piece that you need to know.

EquipmentReplacement Fee
Fiber Jack$100
Network Box$200
Network+ Box.$300
Mini Network Box$50
Google TV Chromecast$50
Storage Box$300
Phone Box$50
Fiber Remote$20
TV Box$120
Google WiFi$70
Google Fiber Wi-Fi 6 Router$90
NVIDIA SHIELD TV streaming box with remote control$179
Google Fiber Multi-Gig Router + Google Fiber Optical Connector$280
Google Fiber Mesh Extender$85

So, you have to pay these fees if you don’t return the equipment to Google Fiber.

You will get a full refund of your payment after a few months if you return equipment near the time limit and pay replacement fees.

In case, if damaged equipment reaches Google Fiber, then you also have to pay for it.

When you don’t return equipment and pay equipment return fees, then the company will sell your account to the collection agency.

The collection agents will reach out to your home and will force you until you pay the payment. They will decrease your credit score and leave a bad mark on your credit report.

So, to avoid this situation you must return the equipment in working condition to Google Fiber within 60 days.


In conclusion, Returning Google Fier equipment is very easy, just remember the time period they gave you. It is necessary to return equipment to Google Fiber on time otherwise you will be charged with a penalty from Google.

Now you know what equipment you have to return to Google. You can return your Google Fiber Equipment by visiting the nearest Google Fiber store or through the mail like FedEx or UPS.

After you drop off the package, don’t forget to take a receipt from the service person. With a receipt, you can easily track the location of the package.

If you have any quarry related to the topic then let us know in the comment section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Monthly Fee for Google Wi-Fi?

No, there is no fee for Google Wi-Fi, but you have to pay your internet service provider every month.

Can We Get A Router with Google Fiber?

Google Fiber Network Box comes with an ethernet cable. This box works as a router. You can connect the ethernet cable of network Box to your devices to use the internet.

Can I Cancel Google Fiber Service at any time?

Yes, you can change or cancel the services of Google Fiber anytime. You may be asked to pay some construction fees.

What is the cost of Google Fiber Installation?

Google Fiber Installation Fee is free. You have to pay $300 for the construction fee. You can pay this fee in small installments like $25 a month for 12 months.

How much time does it take to Install Google Fiber?

Google Fiber Installation can take up to 1 hour to complete the process.

What is the speed of Google Fiber Internet?

The speed of Google Fiber is one gigabit per second.