Mint Mobile Data Not Working: How To Fix In Simple Steps

Having trouble with your Mint Mobile data connection can be a major inconvenience, especially when you rely on it for various tasks throughout the day. If you’re experiencing Mint Mobile data not working issues, rest assured that there are simple steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the problem.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through practical solutions to get your Mint Mobile data back up and running smoothly. Whether you’re unable to access the internet, use mobile apps, or stream content, we’ve got you covered.

By following these easy steps, you’ll be able to fix common data issues and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity on your Mint Mobile network. Don’t let data problems hold you back. Let’s explore the troubleshooting methods and get your Mint Mobile data working flawlessly again in no time.

Reasons For Mint Mobile Data Not Working on iPhone and Android?

These are some of the possible causes of your Mint Mobile data not working.

1. Wrong SIM Card Installation:

If you do the sim card installation wrong then you can’t access the internet. Make sure you put the sim card properly in the tray and if you don’t know how to put it, you can follow the instruction manual.

2. VPN:

Lots of people use VPNs to access the site’s content which are restricting them to access the content during normal browsing. If you use a VPN on Mint Mobile then it can slow down or interrupt your internet connection.

3. Network Outage:

Check if is there a network outage in your area or not. Sometimes due to maintenance work or some fault, there can be a network outage in a particular area. In this, you can’t do anything and have to wait until it resolves.

4. Outdated Network Settings:

Mint Mobile data carriers can upgrade network settings from time to time. If you are using the old version, then you can get an issue with the internet connection.

5. No Data plan:

In case, you have used your all Mint Mobile data, then you can face issues with your internet connection. You can open “The Mint Mobile app” and tap on the “Data” tab where you can check your remaining data. If you exhausted all your data then you need to subscribe to a new plan to continue using the internet.

How To Fix Mint Mobile Data Not Working

There are some troubleshooting steps to fix the issue of Mint Mobile data.

1. Restart your Mobile Phone

The first step to fixing the issue is restarting your Android or iPhone. For this

  • Turn off data
  • Switch off the phone
  • Wait for some time
  • Restart your phone
  • Turn on data
  • Check if the issue is fixed.

2. Disconnect VPN

With the help of a VPN, you can access sites that are restricted in your area by changing your location. However, sometimes it causes a problem and you are unable to connect with Mint mobile data.

Turning OFF VPN can actually help you to solve the issue of Mobile data not working. If it is necessary for you to use a VPN, then I will suggest using the best VPN like NordVPN to avoid issues.

3. Reset APN Settings

You need to reset APN settings on your phone to connect with the correct servers of the mobile internet.

Follow these steps to reset APN settings.

For iPhone

  • Go to Settings on your phone
  • Tap Cellular or Network
  • Select Cellular Data Network
  • Select Reset Settings

For Android

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Wireless and Network
  • Select Mobile Networks
  • Tap on Access Point Name
  • Select three dots and choose Reset to default.

4. Check SIM card Placement

If the SIM card is not placed properly in your phone, then you can have issues connecting to Mint Mobile data.

To check SIM card Placement

  • Turn off your phone
  • Pull out the SIM card tray by using a pin
  • Check and remove the SIM card from the Tray and clean it with a clean cloth
  • After cleaning, safely put SIM card into the tray
  • Now insert the SIM card tray into the phone and turn ON the phone
  • Check if the issue is fixed

5. Check Your Subscription Plan

Always have an eye on data, and keep checking your Mint mobile subscription plan. If you have exhausted your data limit, then you can face the issue of internet data even with an active subscription.

So check your plan and subscribe to a new plan if you want to continue to use the internet.

6. Airplane Mode

If you accidentally turned on the Airplane mode then your data and call will not work on your mobile. So check your settings and disable the airplane mode if it is On.

After you disable the airplane mode check whether the data is working or not.

7. Reset Mint Mobile

If you try everything but still can’t get access to the data then you can try to reset your mobile. But remember it deletes all the data and custom settings in your phone so make sure you create a backup first.

To reset your phone follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings
  • Scroll down or search “Reset”.
  • Tap on Reset and enter your pin or password to confirm.

After the reset check if your data is working or not.

8. Contact Customer Support

Last but not least, if the above steps of this post didn’t help you to fix the issue, then you need to contact the customer support team of Mint Mobile. Let the experts do their job and solve the issue.

You can contact them through their website via email or by dialing a phone number. The working hours of Mint Customer Support are 5 am to 7 pm.


In conclusion, Mint Mobile data not working can be a frustrating issue that may disrupt your mobile experience. We have discussed several possible reasons for this problem, including incorrect APN settings, insufficient data balance, device compatibility issues, and network outages.

Troubleshooting steps such as checking and updating APN settings, verifying data balance, ensuring device compatibility, and contacting Mint Mobile customer support can help resolve the issue in most cases. However, if the problem persists, it may be necessary to seek further technical assistance from Mint Mobile or consider alternative options.

Remember to always stay updated with the latest software updates, settings, and usage policies to enjoy uninterrupted mobile data services with Mint Mobile or any other mobile service provider.

If you have any quarry left related to the topic then let us know in the comment section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Is Mint Mobile Trial Data Not Working?

Mint Mobile offers trial data to their new users. If it is not working on your phone, then it means you have exhausted your trial data.

2. How to activate Mint Mobile Internet Data?

You need to change APN settings on your phone or you can contact customer support to help you in connecting with Mint data.

3. When is Mint Mobile Data reset?

If you subscribe to a 3 months or 6 months plan, then the data will be reset on the 30th day of the month. While, if you subscribe to a 12-monthly plan, then it will reset at the end of the month.