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How to Watch BT Sport on Freeview

This article will explain how to watch BT Sport on Freeview. Before we get into that, let’s define BT Sport and Freeview. What precisely is BT Sport? “BT Consumer,” a group of pay television sports channels in the United Kingdom and Ireland, provides BT sport. On August 1, 2013, BT Group launched a division as […]


For years, Apple Music has been the go-to music service for many iPhone users. And, while the music experience has been relatively smooth for the most part, Apple Music is not without flaws. One such issue is when Apple Music keeps pausing while playing songs. If you’ve been irritated by the same issue, here are […]

How To Fix Spotify Music Keeps Pausing?

If you’re a Free or Premium Spotify user, you may encounter an unusual situation while listening to music – a track may unexpectedly pause on its own. In this article, we will guide you on how to fix your Spotify music keeps pausing. And it’s possible that it will continue to happen despite your efforts […]

How Do I Cancel My ESPN Plus Subscription?

ESPN+ is the most popular sports channel which allows you to watch your favorite Live sports games on your TV. This channel is widely used in the gaming season. When there is no gaming season, if you want to cancel your ESPN Plus Subscription, then we are sharing all steps in this guide to cancel […]

What Channel Is ESPN Plus On Spectrum?

ESPN Plus is a popular sports channel to watch live games, sports news, events, etc. Nowadays, Everyone knows about ESPN Plus, but if you don’t know then it means you are living in the old world. Users of Spectrum services have queries about what channel is ESPN Plus on Spectrum, so I am sharing all […]