How to Remove Youtube Shorts Permanently in 2022

If you’re annoyed by YouTube shorts and want to learn how to disable them, keep reading how to remove youtube shorts permanently.

They are a knockoff of TikTok, and they are just as annoying, if not more so. YouTube, like any new feature, encourages creators and viewers to interact with the short video form of content.

The more YT tries to push viewers, the more difficult it is to remove YouTube shorts. On the YouTube app, there is no direct setting to disable YT shorts. But, as usual, we’ve discovered a way to successfully disable YouTube shorts and save you from the agony.

How to Turn Off  YouTube Shorts?

On the YouTube app, you can find YouTube shorts in two ways. The first is the small shorts icon at the bottom of the screen, which leads to the YouTube shorts feed. The shorts feed cannot be removed. But this section isn’t the only one causing havoc.

Only when you click on the shorts icon do the shorts begin to play. So, unless you go to the section, YouTube shorts do not interfere. In the second method, YouTube forces the shorts down your throat via the home feed. Shorts recommendations appear in between video recommendations on your YouTube home feed. These are the absolute worst.

  • Launch the YouTube app on your smartphone.
  • In your YouTube home feed, scroll down to the shorts section.
  • On the short video, click the three dots.
  • Choose “Not interested.”
  • Continue with the remaining short videos in the horizontal list until the screen goes blank.
  • Scroll down and refresh the page.
  • The YouTube shorts would have vanished from your home feed.

Step 1: Navigate to the shorts section of your YouTube home feed.

To remove YouTube shorts from the YouTube home feed, navigate to the section where the shorts are displayed in the feed. This section is located on your homepage between the various video recommendations.

Shorts can be viewed directly from YouTube’s newly launched separate section. YouTube shorts, like Instagram reels, have their own feed. But we can’t completely disable the YouTube shorts page. It’s built right into the app. We can, however, prevent YT shorts from appearing in your home feed.

To find the Shorts section embedded in the feed, open the YouTube app on your Android/iPhone and scroll down the home feed.

Step 2: On all shorts recommendations, select “Not interested.”

The next step is to tap on the three dots on the short video and select “Not interested.” Continue doing this for each YouTube short video recommendation until there are no more videos on the list.

Step 3: Refresh the YouTube Home Feed

You’ve finished the steps to disable YouTube shorts on your YouTube mobile app. It’s finally time for the big reveal. To refresh the feed, go to the top of your page and pull the screen down.

Check to see if the YT shorts section you discovered earlier is still available.

For some users, the YT shorts would have vanished after just one attempt. However, not everyone will be able to disable YT shorts in one go. So don’t be concerned if you find the short videos again.

Repeat the procedure once more. When you’re finished, refresh the page. And there you have it! No more YouTube videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. “I despise YouTube shorts,” what should I do?

If you dislike watching YouTube shorts, you can disable them by following these steps:

Launch the YouTube app.

Tap the profile icon at the top and select Settings.

Select the General option from the Settings menu.

Turn off YouTube videos.

Start the YouTube app again.

Q2. How Do I Turn Off YouTube Shorts on My Computer?

The steps for removing YouTube shorts on PC are the same as described above. If you can’t find the settings to disable YT shorts, you can tell YouTube that you don’t want to watch shorts by following the steps outlined above.

Q3. Can I disable YouTube’s short videos?

Some devices have the option to disable YouTube shorts, but not all users have this option to simply disable YouTube shorts. Other hacks, such as watching YouTube in a browser, are their only option for never seeing shorts on YouTube.

Q4. How Do I Permanently Remove YouTube Videos?

There is no way to permanently remove YouTube shorts. However, you can use the following hacks to temporarily remove shorts from your account:

Use YouTube’s pre-shorts version.

Open YouTube in a browser.

Train YouTube not to show you YT videos.

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To remove YouTube shorts permanently from your home page, use the “Not interested” option. This trick will assist you in avoiding watching the shorts recommendations in between streams. If the short reappearance occurs after a few days, simply repeat the steps.

You are re-training the YouTube algorithm on your preferences by selecting “Not interested.” When the algorithm detects your dislike for YouTube shorts, it will stop showing you these videos.

You can try other options, such as using an older version of the YouTube app, but you will miss out on all of the new features and curated content, as well as the shorts.

A small price to pay for finally getting rid of the YouTube shorts. Opening YouTube in a browser can be a great way to disable YouTube shorts. Whatever path you take, make sure you understand the implications and risks. You can always choose to ignore YouTube shorts rather than look for ways to permanently disable them.