Boost Mobile Data Not Working: How To Fix It

Experiencing issues with your Boost Mobile data can be frustrating, especially when you rely on it for your daily activities. If you’re facing Boost Mobile data not working problems, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to get your data connection back up and running smoothly.

In this guide, we’ll explore common reasons behind Boost Mobile data issues and provide you with practical solutions to fix them. Whether you’re unable to browse the internet, download apps, or stream content, we’ve got you covered. By following these tips, you can troubleshoot and resolve data-related problems on your Boost Mobile device.

Say goodbye to frustrating data interruptions and regain seamless connectivity on your Boost Mobile network. Let’s dive into the solutions and get your data working flawlessly again.

Reasons Why You Face Mobile Data Not Working Issue

1. No Network Or Poor Network Area

Your area may be the very issue for not getting internet. You need to check whether the Boost Mobile server is available in your area or not.

Sometimes internet data also does not work when you are in the basement, in the elevator, or any place where your mobile is not getting proper connectivity.

2. Airplane Mode

Check that your mobile is in airplane mode. If you accidentally turn on airplane mode then you can’t use mobile data. So check the settings and turned off airplane mode if you accidentally turned it On.

Remember that you can use Wi-Fi to access the internet without turning OFF airplane mode.

3. Exhausted Internet Data

If your internet data plan is over then you no longer enjoy the boost mobile data on your phone. So keep checking your data.

Just log in with your account on MY Boost and see all the details.

4. VPN

There are a lot of websites available that restrict visitors from accessing the site’s content. So, people use VPN services to access that website.

But there is a high chance that using VPN can create problems with the internet connection and also lower internet speed.

5. APN Settings

If you have the wrong APN setting then your Boost mobile data won’t work. So you have to correct the settings.

6. Sim-Card

If you put or install your sim card incorrectly then your Boost Mobile data will not work. Check your sim and install it properly.

7. Wrong Data Profile Setting

If the data setting profile is not proper on your mobile phone, then you will not be able to access internet data.

You need to check the data profile settings on the app and after that, you have to fill in accurate settings information.

How To Fix Boost Mobile Data Not Working Issue

There are some troubleshooting that you can perform to solve the data issue with Boost Mobile.

Restart Your Mobile Phone

Restarting the mobile phone can also solve the issue of Boost Mobile internet data.

Follow these steps to restart iPhones with a Home button.

  • Press and hold the home button until the power slide option shows up.
  • Now Slide to power off the phone. Another method to restart the phone is by clicking on Assistive Touch > Device > More > Restart
  • Now swipe right to turn OFF the phone. Wait for 30 seconds and reboot the phone.

Follow these steps to restart iPhone X and the latest models.

  • Hold the Side and Volume Down buttons simultaneously until the slide to power off screen shows up. Now swipe right to power off the phone.
  • Hold the Side and Volume Down buttons again to restart the phone.

For Android phones

  • Hold the power button until restart option appears on the screen
  • Now Select the Restart option and let the phone turn OFF
  • Press power button and hold it again to turn ON the phone.

After all this process is done, check if you are able to access internet data.

Turn Airplane mode OFF

As we mentioned earlier, Airplane mode can get you the issue of internet connection. So, all you need to do is check Airplane mode on your mobile phone.

If it is ON, then toggle on the button to turn it off.


VPN can also be responsible for Boost Mobile Data not working or it can reduce internet speed. You need to turn OFF the VPN app to get stable or fast internet speed.

Check Your Subscription Plan

The next step is to check your subscription plan. If you have subscribed to a limited data plan, then there may be a chance you have exhausted your data limit.

If there is no data left in your plan then you cannot access the internet. You can subscribe to a plan which gives you a sufficient amount of data to use.

Turn Off the Wi-Fi

If your Wi-Fi is on, then you can’t use mobile internet data properly. Wi-Fi in old iPhone models interferes with mobile data connectivity.

So, if you are also facing an issue with a mobile data connection, turning Off can be a method to fix this issue. You can turn Wi-Fi Off from Settings or by the Control Center on your mobile phone.

Update Data Profile on Phone

There are two options to update the data profile. You can do it manually or by using the Boost Mobile app.

Update Data Profile Manually

  1. Dial ##72786# from an Android phone and ##873284# from an iPhone.
  2. Your phone will restart after you dial this code..
  3. Now wait for the Hands-Free activation setting to complete, and press the OK button.
  4. After this, the PRL update will start automatically. When this process gets completed, then Press OK button.
  5. Now, your phone will restart again and the firmware update will start automatically.
  6. After this process press the OK button when the process gets completed

Update Data Profile by Using Boost Zone App

  1. Open your mobile phone.
  2. Open the Boost Zone app. You can get this app pre-installed if you purchase a phone from Boost Mobile.
  3. Now swipe left on the app.
  4. Select Device Diagnostics.
  5. Tap on Network and Click Update Profile.

Both these methods can fix the problem of Boost Mobile data not working.

Correct Your APN Settings

If Boost Mobile Data not working then the reason might be the wrong APN setting. APN stands for (Access Point Names), it is a gateway that allows you to connect to the internet. You can reset APN settings to default to solve the issue.

  • Open your phone.
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on connections
  • Go to Mobile Networks > APN
  • Now select Reset to default.

Sim-Card issues

Sometimes, we mistakenly put our sim card in the device tray incorrectly which causes the data issue with boost mobile.

  • Turn off your mobile and take out your sim card with the help of a pin.
  • This time do put the sim card in the tray properly.
  • Turn on your phone and you are good to go.

One more thing you need to know is that technology is changing every day so does our network. If you have a 5G phone and you want a 5G network on your phone then first check if your old sim is compatible with 5G or not. If not, then change your old sim to a new one.

Choose Prefered Network

On your mobile phone, you can change the network mode if your data is not working. Suppose you are using a 5G data network but currently it is not working properly in your area and you are not getting proper signals. To solve the issue you can change your network mode and select 4G, 3G, or 2G network on your mobile.

  • Open your Phone
  • Go to the settings
  • Select Mobile Networks > Network Mode.
  • Chose your preferred network mode.

Factory Reset the Mobile

If nothing is working then you can also factory Reset your mobile. But remember one thing, all your data like photos, videos, and every customized setting will be deleted permanently. So before Resetting your device make sure you create a data backup of your device.

Contact Boost Mobile Customer Support

If all the above steps and methods didn’t help you to fix the issue of Boost Mobile data not working, then you must contact customer support of Boost Mobile.

You can contact them through their website or by dialing their phone number. They are available on Monday to Friday between 4 am to 8 pm and Saturday to Sunday between 4 am to 7 pm.


In conclusion, you can easily fix Boost Mobile Data Not Working issue with this guide. Just pay attention to the reason behind the issue and perform troubleshooting according to it.

The most basic solution you can do is restart your device and let the system reboot itself. Also, check your subscription plan and your data limit.

If you have any quarry related to the topic then let us know in the comment box.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why am I unable to connect my Phone to Boost Mobile internet data?

To fix this issue, you can turn off and reboot your device. The other method is to first turn ON the airplane mode and wait for 30 seconds. After that, turn Airplane mode OFF. Now check if the issue gets fixed.

How to Refresh Boost Mobile Network?

You have to dial #72786# from your mobile phone. Now select OK. This code will turn off and restart your device.

Which network is using Boost Mobile in 2023?

In 2023, Boost Mobile uses the T-Mobile network to provide services to its customers.