Cricket Wireless Hotspot Not Working: How To Fix In Easy Ways

Getting disconnected from the hotspot while working or watching your favorite show is no less than a disaster. I usually connected my other devices like laptops, tablets, and other smart devices with my phone’s internet connection. But when my Cricket Wireless Hotspot not working everything is stuck.

Although Cricket Wireless uses AT&T Tower for connectivity which has the largest telecommunication network in the country, but that doesn’t mean you will always get a full internet connection on your devices.

So, what can we do when our Cricket Wireless Hotspot suddenly stops working? To do a quick solution you can reboot your device but if it still doesn’t work then you can try other methods to fix the issue.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most common causes for a Cricket Wireless Hotspot not working and how to fix them in easy ways.

Let’s get started!

Most Common Causes For A Cricket Wireless Hotspot Not Working

Now let’s find the root cause of the problem because if we understand the cause, it is easy to troubleshoot the issue.

1. Poor Signal Strength

If there is no proper signal strength, then you can’t access the internet. Check that you have proper signal bars on your device, If there are low signals you will get low-speed internet on your device which affects your work.

So, you need to check the signal strength in your area.

2. Device Not Compatible

Cricket Mobile Hotspot is not compatible with all mobile phones. Your phone should have the compatibility to use a Mobile Hotspot feature. If your mobile phone doesn’t meet the requirement, you won’t be able to use Cricket Wireless Hotspot.

3. Network Outage

Sometimes the problem is not from your end, If there is maintenance activity going on the Cricket side, then you may lose internet connectivity. In this, you can’t do anything until the problem is resolved on the other end.

4. Wrong Data Plan

If your internet usage is very high then you need to upgrade your internet plan. Try to choose the unlimited Cricket plan so you never run out of internet data.

You can go to Cricket Wireless’s official site and select the best suitable plan.

5. Wrong Settings

If you have set up the wrong Settings for hotspots or VPN is active on your device, then you may face the issue of Cricket Wireless Hotspot Not Working.

6. Device Limit

If there are devices connected more than the device limit to the Cricket Hotspot, then the hotspot won’t work properly. The maximum device limit of Cricket Mobile Hotspot is six devices at once.

Check how many devices are connected to your hotspot if you want to join a new device then remove the previously 1 or 2 connected devices.

How to Fix Cricket Wireless Hotspot Not Working Issues

1. Restart your Mobile Phone

The first and most common troubleshooting you can do is restart your device. It removes any minor bugs, and glitches and refreshes your system.

You can Turn Off your phone and wait for 1 minute, then Turn On your phone and check if the hotspot working or not.

Following this step can save you lots of time and you don’t need to go through other troubleshooting steps.

2. Activate Mobile Hotspot On Your Account

To use the Cricket hotspot, you need to activate the hotspot option for your device by using Cricket App.

These are the steps to activate the hotspot feature.

  • Open MyCricket app on your mobile phone.
  • Select My Account.
  • Add the Mobile Hotspot feature.
  • Adding this option will charge you $10 per month.

3. Restart Mobile Hotspot

You can restart your mobile hotspot to fix minor bugs and glitches which are causing problems to Cricket Hotspot.

Follow these steps to restart the Mobile hotspot on your iPhone.

  • Go to Settings
  • Find and select Personal Hotspot.
  • Find Allow Others to Join option.
  • Turn this option OFF and then turn it ON again.

Follow these steps to restart the Mobile hotspot on Android devices.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Connections.
  • Tap on Mobile Hotspot and Tethering
  • Turn this option ON.

4. Change Location of Device

You can try to change the location of device and see if it works. There may be a chance that there is an electromagnetic device near the device that interrupts the signals.

Devices such as copy machines, cameras, lights, treadmills, and automatic garage doors are examples of electromagnetic devices. These devices block network signals, so you need to check if any of these devices are present.

5. Turn Power Saving Mode OFF

Power saving is the option to save and extend battery life. But, it can also disrupt your mobile data and hotspot. While sharing the internet, you should turn on power saving mode.

Follow the steps to turn off power saving mode on an Android phone.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Battery.
  • Turn OFF Power saving mode.

Follow the steps to turn off power saving mode on your iPhone.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Battery.
  • Turn OFF Low Power Mode.

6. Use 2.4 GHz Band

By default, hotspots use the 5.0 GHz band but not all devices are capable of using this bandwidth. You can choose a 2.4 GHz band for better connectivity with every device.

For iPhone:

  • Go to phone’s Settings.
  • Tap Personal Hotspot.
  • Toggle the Allow Others to Join button to turn it on.
  • Click on Maximize Compatibility to switch to 2.4 GHz.

For Android Devices:

  • Go to phone’s Settings.
  • Navigate to Hotspot & Tethering.
  • Tap on WiFi hotspot.
  • Tap on AP Band and select 2.4 GHz.

For newer versions of Android, Toggle the Maximize compatibility switch.

7. Reset Network Settings

You can reset network settings if your mobile hotspot not working but it will clear all wifi settings, associated Bluetooth devices, and any other custom settings. It makes all your settings to default.

Here’s how to reset your network settings:

For iPhone:

  • Go to Settings > General.
  • Tap on Reset.
  • Click on Reset Network Settings.

For Android:

  • Go to Settings on your phone.
  • Go to General Management or System.
  • Click on Reset or Reset options.
  • Tap on Reset network settings.

Confirm your choice and wait for the process to complete.

8. Factory Reset your Mobile Phone

This is the last possible step to fix the issue of Cricket Hotspot Not Working. Before following this step, keep in mind that it can remove all important data from your device.

You should follow this step only when it is very necessary.

9. Contact Cricket Wireless Customer Support

In the end, if all the above steps didn’t help you to fix the issue, then it’s time to contact customer support. They will guide you to fix the issue or send an expert who can fix the issue instantly.

You can contact them by dialing a number or via email or through their website.


Now you know what are the causes for Cricket Wireless Hotspot not working and how can you troubleshoot these issues. You don’t need any technical knowledge or assistance to carry out these actions.

To resolve the issue, you must first determine the true cause, and then restart your mobile device, reset hotspot settings, or relocate the device. You will surely access the internet by using your mobile phone’s hotspot.

If you have any quarry related to the topic then drop a message in the comment box.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to Connect Wi-Fi enabled devices to Mobile Hotspot?

  • Go to your phone’s Settings
  • Turn Mobile Hotspot ON
  • Open the device you want to connect
  • Search for your Mobile’s Wi-Fi network name
  • Enter your password and access the internet

Can I save Battery Power while Using Mobile Hotspot?

  • Connect your mobile phone to the charger.
  • Use a backup battery or wireless battery charger.
  • Decrease the number of connected devices

How to reset Mobile Hotspot?

  • Go to Settings
  • Select System
  • Tap on Advanced
  • Click Reset Options
  • Select Reset Wi-Fi
  • Confirm Reset process

Does a hotspot consume more data?

If any other person is going to use your hotspot to use the internet, then it will consume more data. But when you are using the internet on your desktop, then the hotspot will consume more data than before.

Which app can provide free Wi-Fi to use?

If you want to use free Wi-Fi, then you can download Avast Wi-Fi finder which provides you free Wi-Fi internet through a hotspot if there is any available at your location.