How to watch the Yahoo sports app on Firestick

Love sports and own a Firestick? If you’re eager to catch the latest games and sports events on your big screen, we’ve got you covered! In this ultimate guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of watching the Yahoo Sports app on your Firestick. By following our comprehensive instructions, you’ll be able to stream your favorite sports content effortlessly and enjoy action-packed moments from the comfort of your living room.

Is the Yahoo Sports app free to download and use on Firestick?

Yes, the Yahoo Sports app is free to download and use on Firestick. You can easily find and download the app from the Amazon Appstore on your Firestick device. Simply search for “Yahoo Sports” using the search function within the Appstore, and once you find the Yahoo Sports app, select it and choose the “Download” or “Get” option to install it on your Firestick.

Once the app is installed, you can open it from your Firestick’s app menu and start accessing the features and content provided by Yahoo Sports. Keep in mind that while the app is free to download and use, some content within the app, such as premium features or certain live events, may require a subscription or additional fees. However, the majority of the app’s features, including news, scores, highlights, and game coverage, should be available for free.

Steps to watch the Yahoo sports app on Firestick

Without further ado, let’s dive into the step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Ensure Firestick Compatibility and Setup:

Before proceeding, make sure your Firestick device is compatible with the Yahoo Sports app. You should have a second-generation Firestick or newer. If you haven’t set up your Firestick yet, follow these steps:

  • Connect your Firestick to your TV and power it on.
  • Select your preferred language and connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Sign in to your Amazon account or create a new one if you don’t have an account already.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the setup process.

Step 2: Enable Apps from Unknown Sources:

To install the Yahoo Sports app on your Firestick, you need to enable the option to install apps from unknown sources. Follow these steps to do so:

  • From the home screen of your Firestick, navigate to “Settings” in the top menu.
  • Scroll right and select “My Fire TV” or “Device” (depending on your Firestick version).
  • Choose “Developer options.”
  • Enable the “Apps from Unknown Sources” option by selecting it and confirming your choice when prompted. Note: This step is necessary to install apps from sources other than the Amazon Appstore.

Step 3: Install the Downloader App:

To download the Yahoo Sports app on your Firestick, you’ll need to install the Downloader app. Here’s how:

  • Return to the home screen of your Firestick and navigate to the search icon (magnifying glass) in the top-left corner.
  • Search for “Downloader” using the on-screen keyboard.
  • Select the “Downloader” app from the search results.
  • Click on “Get” or “Download” to install the app.

Step 4: Download and Install the Yahoo Sports App:

With the Downloader app now installed, follow these steps to download and install the Yahoo Sports app:

  • Launch the Downloader app from your Firestick’s Apps & Channels section.
  • In the Downloader app, you’ll see a URL field. Select it and enter the following URL:
  • Click “Go” or press the Play/Pause button on your Firestick remote to initiate the download.
  • Once the download is complete, the installation prompt will appear. Select “Install” to begin installing the Yahoo Sports app.
  • After the installation process finishes, select “Open” to launch the app.

Step 5: Enjoy the Yahoo Sports App on Firestick:

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed the Yahoo Sports app on your Firestick. Here’s how you can use it to enjoy sports content:

  • Launch the Yahoo Sports app from your Firestick’s Apps & Channels section.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to select your favorite sports, teams, and leagues.
  • Explore the app’s various sections, including scores, news, highlights, and live-streaming options.
  • Customize the app’s settings according to your preferences.
  • Sit back, relax, and enjoy the exciting world of sports right on your Firestick!

Yahoo Sports App Features

The Yahoo Sports app offers a range of features designed to keep sports enthusiasts informed and engaged. Here are some key features you can expect from the Yahoo Sports app:

  1. Latest News and Updates: Stay up to date with the latest news, scores, and updates across a wide range of sports. The app provides comprehensive coverage of major professional leagues, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and more. You’ll find breaking news, injury updates, trade rumors, and insightful analysis from expert reporters and columnists.
  2. Live Game Coverage: Follow your favorite teams and leagues with live game coverage. The app offers real-time updates, play-by-play commentary, box scores, and detailed game stats. You can track multiple games simultaneously, receive scoring alerts, and access in-depth game summaries.
  3. Personalized Content: Customize your app experience by selecting your favorite teams and leagues. Yahoo Sports will tailor the content to your preferences, delivering news, scores, and highlights specific to the teams you follow. You can also personalize your notifications to receive alerts for specific games or events.
  4. Video Highlights: Watch video highlights and recaps of key moments from games and matches. The app provides a wide range of video content, including game highlights, player interviews, press conferences, and analysis.
  5. Fantasy Sports Integration: Yahoo Sports integrates seamlessly with Yahoo Fantasy Sports, allowing you to manage your fantasy teams directly within the app. Access your team rosters, make lineup changes, track player performance, and receive real-time updates on fantasy scores.
  6. Social Features: Engage with other sports fans through the app’s social features. You can join or create sports communities, participate in discussions, and share your thoughts and opinions. The app also includes social media integration, enabling you to easily share articles, videos, and game highlights on various platforms.

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In conclusion, accessing the Sports app on your Firestick is a straightforward process that allows you to enjoy a wide range of sports content conveniently. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this blog post, you can easily install and set up the Yahoo Sports app on your Firestick, ensuring that you never miss out on the latest scores, news, and highlights from your favorite sports and teams.

With the Sports app on your Firestick, you have access to a wealth of sports-related content, including live streaming options, personalized alerts, and in-depth coverage of various leagues and events. Whether you’re a fan of football, basketball, baseball, soccer, or any other sport, the Yahoo Sports app brings the excitement right to your TV screen.

Remember to keep your Firestick device up to date and check for app updates regularly to ensure optimal performance and access to the latest features. Now, grab some snacks, sit back, and enjoy the thrill of sports with the Sports app on your Firestick.


Can I install the Yahoo Sports app on any Firestick device?

No, the Sports app is compatible with the second-generation Firestick or newer. Older Firestick models may not support the app.

Do I need an Amazon account to watch the Yahoo Sports app on Firestick?

Yes, you will need to have an Amazon account to set up and access your Firestick. You can sign in with your existing Amazon account or create a new one during the setup process.

How can I customize the Yahoo Sports app on Firestick?

Once you have launched the Yahoo Sports app, you can personalize your experience by selecting your favorite sports, teams, and leagues. This allows the app to provide you with relevant scores, news, and updates based on your preferences.

How often should I check for app updates for the Yahoo Sports app on Firestick?

It is recommended to check for app updates regularly to ensure that you have the latest features and improvements. You can enable automatic app updates on your Firestick or manually check for updates in the app store.