How to download Youtube thumbnail

When a viewer searches for pertinent information that offers the necessary satisfaction, they initially see a YouTube thumbnail, which is a condensed version of the video. YouTube thumbnails are the brief videos with prominent visuals that may be clicked to reveal a video’s content. Different people download YouTube thumbnails for different reasons. One of these is that you could already have the movie posted and just want to store the thumbnail on your PC. Others are interested in downloading YouTube thumbnails for their personal or professional usage, design, blogging, or just to share with friends.

We’ll go through three simple methods in this post for downloading YouTube thumbnails. You’ll discover:

How Can I Download a Thumbnail of My Own YouTube Video?

All you have to do to download the thumbnail from your own YouTube video is:

  • Just launch the video manager.
  • The next step is to select the Edit button located next to the video.
  • Several alternatives will appear when you move the mouse pointer over the thumbnail. To download a picture, click.
  • Your video’s thumbnail picture will appear. That’s all it takes to download YouTube thumbnails from your videos—just right-click it, pick Save Images As, and then select the folder where you want to save the image.

How Can I Download a YouTube Thumbnail Online?

As an alternative, you may also obtain a YouTube thumbnail using an online service. You don’t need to register for any services and it is free to use. the following steps:

  • To access the online YouTube Thumbnail Downloader.
  • Copy the YouTube video’s URL and paste it into the box. then choose Download Now.
  • You may choose from a number of resolutions to save the file to your computer or smartphone after clicking the “download” button. Additionally, using this technique gives you the option to select from a range of sizes that will work with your gadget.
  • You will be prompted to select a location to save the thumbnail after clicking the download button. You may then choose the name you wish for the thumbnail or you can leave it with the standard name.

How can I use a custom URL to download a YouTube thumbnail?

You can also download YouTube thumbnail by a direct url. Let us see how it can done using this method:

  • Obtain the YouTube video’s ID. Simply click the link to the movie on YouTube, and a lengthy address with a variety of random characters and numbers will display. You must need this exact video ID in order to get the thumbnail.
  • The same URL may be used to see all of the YouTube thumbnails. You just need to click on the link in the image below.
  • Copy the random numbers we mentioned serving as the movie ID, paste them in the URL’s ID section, then press Enter.
  • Simply right-click anywhere in your browser once the movie has loaded and choose save image as to save the YouTube thumbnail to your computer. The URL listed below will provide you with the desired video in its highest resolution.

Notice and Caution

The copyright for the video goes to whomever owns it, if anyone. It is a breach when someone posts someone else’s work as their own; this happens frequently. Even if you were to add a remark crediting the original author, the work would still be theirs and not your own. In particular, if you want to utilise it for business, you must obtain the owner’s consent. Otherwise, you will be violating their rights and may face legal repercussions.

Copyright-violating works must adhere to tight guidelines, and YouTube is swift to restrict or remove such films. When someone claims that you are utilising their video or thumbnail, YouTube removes it. You might ask the owner of the video for permission and provide an explanation of your intentions by simply getting in touch with them.


Since they are all simple to learn, there aren’t many differences between the ways for downloading YouTube thumbnails. Additionally, you will find several browser addons that accomplish the same task with comparable outcomes. The tough element in this situation is how to make YouTube thumbnails since it could need the expertise of a pro. YouTube thumbnails are crucial for SEO, so if you’re not up to the task, you should seek advice from someone who is. The subject matter specialists will provide you appropriate advice because they are aware of the trends.

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