How to Fix It When Roku TV Sound Is Not Working

All ages now use streaming as a common form of entertainment, and Roku TV is one of the most well-liked streaming gadgets on the market. It’s hardly surprising that so many people select Roku TV as their main entertainment platform given its user-friendly design, smooth integration with a variety of streaming services, and reasonable cost. Even the most reliable gadgets can occasionally have problems, and one of the most frequent issues experienced by Roku TV users is the lack of sound. In order for you to resume streaming as quickly as possible, we will present a detailed method to troubleshooting the Roku TV no sound issue in this post.

Check the Volume 

Checking the volume is the first step in troubleshooting the Roku TV no sound issue.

Sometimes, if the sound is too quiet, a minor modification will take care of the issue. Use the remote to go to the home screen and pick the settings icon to accomplish this.

Select the sound option and then modify the volume as necessary. You should now be able to hear the sound. Roku TV if the volume was previously turned down. Continue to the following step if the volume wasn’t the problem.

Look at the audio settings

The Roku TV’s audio settings should be checked if the volume was not the problem.

Sometimes, the sound quality may suffer because the audio settings have changed. Navigate to the settings option, choose the audio option, and then choose audio mode to verify the audio settings. Make sure stereo is selected as the audio mode.

This should fix the no sound issue if the audio mode was changed. Continue to the following step. If the audio mode was previously set to stereo.

Inspect the Cable Connections

Unstuck or unplugged wires may possibly be the source of the sound problem.

Make sure the wires connecting your Roku TV to the home theatre. Audio system are set up correctly. Make sure the HDMI cable is firmly attached at both ends. This should fix the no sound problem if the cords were unplugged or loose.

Check software updates

The lack of sound issue might also be caused by outdated software.

Go to the settings menu and choose the system update option to check for software upgrades. It is advised to apply any available software updates to see. If they fix the sound problem with your Roku TV.

Maintaining the most recent version of your Roku TV’s software is crucial since it may fix a variety of problems, including the no sound issue. Go to the next step if the programme is already up to date.

Reboot your Roku TV

The no-sound problem could potentially be fixed by just restarting the Roku TV. Unplug the Roku TV from the power source and wait a minute before plugging it back in.

Then connect it again and check to see whether the sound is working. Before contacting customer service, it’s usually a good idea to restart the Roku TV to see if it fixes any problems. Continue to the following step if restarting the Roku TV did not fix the no-sound problem.

Get in touch with customer service

Contact Roku Customer care if the no sound problem was not fixed. By the aforementioned measures. They can provide more assistance and strive to fix the sound issue with your Roku TV. You must be prepared with the Roku TV model number. The software version, and a description of the problem. Customer service will be able to help you more efficiently with this information.


In conclusion, by using the procedures described. In this article, the Roku TV no sound problem may be fixed. Starting with a quick volume check, audio settings, cable connections, software upgrades, and restarting the Roku TV are the next steps.

In the event that none of these measures succeed in fixing the problem, contact Roku customer care, who can offer more guidance. You may fix the no-sound problem and resume streaming your preferred TV episodes and movies on your Roku TV by following these instructions.

It’s critical to remember that there might be a number of possible causes for the no sound issue, not just one. You will be able to determine the underlying source of the problem by carefully following each step. Keep in mind to update your Roku TV software to prevent future problems, and to prepare the model number, software version, and an explanation of the problem before contacting customer service.