How to Stream Flixtor on Roku?

Do you want to get Flixtor stream on your Roku device? Here in this article, I will explain how can you stream Flixtor on Roku TV.

In these modern days, people love to watch their favorite movies and TV shows on the Streaming services app. Although many paid apps are available on the market that let you watch Premium Content. But still, people are relying on the platform which is free. Flixtor is one of the well-known Streaming Services, providing Content without any subscription for free.

Now, it’s possible to watch fixture content on Roku as well. If you are curious to know how to stream Flixtor on Roku. Then let’s explore the many different ways and be with us till the end.

How to Watch Flixtor on Roku?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to directly stream Flixtor on Roku. Because Flixtor is not available on the Roku channel store.

Simply we have to download the Flixtor app on our devices and after that, you can mirror the screen Content of the Flixtor app to your roku connected TV.

3 ways to watch Flixtor content on Roku!

  • Stream fixture on roku via Android
  • Watch Flixtor on Roku via an ios device
  • Stream Flixtor on Roku via Computer

Required process

First, you have to turn on your Screen mirroring option which is available on your device.

Steps to enable screen mirroring.

  • Turn on your Roku device and connect it to tv
  • Tap the home button on the Roku remote
  • Go to the Settings section and Select the System option
  • Head over to the screen mirroring option in the system section
  • Then click on Prompt or always allow to turn it on

How to Flixtor on Roku via Android phone.

  • Connect your both Roku and Android devices with the same Network connection
  • Open the browser on your smartphone
  • Search for Flixtor APK and download it
  • Now, open the notification panel on your smartphone
  • Find the Screen mirroring or cast icon and tap on it
  • Then, let it scan for nearby devices, and select the Roku device from their
  • Open your Flixtor app on your device
  • Now, choose your favourite movies or Shows and it will be a screen mirror to Your Roku-connected tv

Stream Flixtor on Roku via iOS devices.

  • First, open the settings on your iOS device
  • Head over to the General tab
  • Search for the Airplay & Handoff tab and tap on it
  • Now turn on the Airplay
  • Then open the browser on your iOS device and download the Flixtor APK on your iPhone.
  • After that, go to the Control panel on your iPhone and tap on the Screen mirroring icon.
  • let it scan for nearby devices and then select the Roku device.
  • Now open your Flixtor app and enjoy your mirrored content.

Stream Flixtor on Roku via computer.

  • First, set up both your PC and Roku with the same network
  • Go to Chrome and open the Flixtor website
  • Select your favorite content and play it
  • Then, open the notification panel and tap the Connect icon.
  • Now, Select the Roku device from there.
  • Finally, Select movies or shows and enjoy the mirror content on your Roku-connected device

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Now it’s easy to stream Flixtor on Roku because of the Steps we discussed above. Also, these are very easy methods. you don’t need any sign-in process or Subscription to enjoy your favourite content.

Overall, I hope in this article you get Valuable information on how you can stream Flixtor Roku.


Q1. How do I download a movie from Flixor?

If you want to download a movie from Flixtor then, you can do it in some Simple steps. Select a movie and play it. I’m that page you find a download icon in the bottom right corner to download the Flixtor movie.

Q2. Is the Flixtor app free?

Yes, Flixtor is a free app that provides a Vast content library for people.

No, Flixtor is not a legal app in the US. It is an illegal platform that distributes copyrighted content without any rights.

Q4. What has replaced Flixtor?

Yes, you can replace Flixtor with Platforms like movies Joy, Torren TV, Zona, etc.

Q5. Can you stream directly to ROKU?

No, we can’t stream directly to ROKU. Because Flixtor is not available on Roku. But you can get it on your Roku device by following the above-given steps.