How To Return WOW Equipment (Complete Guide)

If you’re looking to return your WOW equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re canceling your service, upgrading your gear, or simply returning a defective device, the process can sometimes seem daunting.

But don’t worry, this complete guide will walk you through everything you need to know to return your WOW equipment with ease. From preparing your equipment for shipment to tracking your return and getting your refund, we’ve got you covered.

WOW stands for Wide Open West which is an internet, phone, and TV service provider at affordable prices. When someone takes a WOW subscription they get wow equipment from the company.

Generally, equipment is provided on lease but if you can afford it, you can simply buy them and then there is no need to return the equipment to the company. But these equipments costs very high and that’s why company gives them on lease so that every customer can enjoy their service.

So when you discontinue their WOW service, then the company expects equipment return from you.

If you don’t know how to return WOW equipment then don’t worry. In this guide, we will tell you “How To Return WOW Equipment”

Do I have to Return All the Equipment to WOW?

Yes, you have to return every Equipment that WoW sent us when we subscribed to their service, unless you have purchased them. generally, customers do not buy these equipment because they are very expensive instead they get them on lease from the company at a fixed monthly charge (Included in your Subscription Fee).

So, When you cancel your WOW subscription you are expected to return company equipment. If you do not return then company charges you a fine.

What Equipment Do You Need to Return to WOW?

The equipment that you need to return are:

  • Modem
  • Remote Control
  • USB cable
  • Modem
  • Cable box
  • Router
  • Cable cards

When To Return WOW Equipment?

You have to return WoW equipment in the following situations.

1. When Cancelled the Subscription

When you cancel the WOW subscription then you have to return all their equipment within 15 days. if you don’t then you have to face a penalty.

2. When Receiving a Defective Equipment

If you got a defective device after subscribing to the WOW service, then you can return that device.

WOW will send you the cost of repairs or will replace your defective equipment with the new one and send it to you.

You must return defective equipment within 30 days of purchasing or subscribing to the service.

3. When Moving to Other Location

However, WOW is available in 20 locations and 9 states. So, if you are moving to a location where no WOW service is available, then you should return the equipment to WOW.

Customer support will ask you to continue with service but you need to ask “I am going very far from this location”.

4. When Upgrading or Downgrading Your Plan

If you want to upgrade or downgrade your plan, then you require new equipment that can work with the new plan.

For this, you have to return your previous Equipment to get the other one that matches the current plan.

How To Return WOW Equipment

These are the steps you need to follow.

1. Cancel Your Subscription

Before returning equipment, you first need to cancel the WOW subscription. You can contact customer support to cancel your service. Now, reset the equipment to clear all the saved data.

2. Prepare Shipping Package of WOW Equipment

After canceling the subscription, remove all wires, connectors, and cables from the equipment. Now put the equipment in a shipping box.

Don’t forget to put all accessories attached to the equipment.

For better safety, use bubble wrap for the equipment.

3. Drop Off Equipment

In the end, visit the nearest WOW store and drop off the equipment shipping box.

The customer representative in the store will help you in this process. Don’t forget to take a receipt of the return for future purposes.

4. Request Pickup from your location

If there is no WOW store near you, then you can contact customer support to make a schedule to pick up the equipment.

They will send a representative to your location, so you should be available at your location on the scheduled date and time.

WOW Return Policy

WOW return policy is very simple, there are two different time limits for different scenarios.

  • When you cancel the service, then you need to return the equipment to WOW within 14 days from the day of service cancellation
  • When you receive any faulty device, then you have 30 days time period to return all WOW equipment.

What Happen if You Don’t Return WOW Equipment On Time?

When you fail to return equipment to WOW due to some reasons after you cancel your service, then it will be considered a misleading act.

WOW, the company will charge you penalty fees for the replacement cost of non-returning equipment.

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In conclusion, Returning WOW equipment is very easy just remember the time period they gave you. If you don’t return the WOW equipment within time then you have to face a penalty.

To return the faulty equipment or device they gave you 30 days time limit and if you cancel the subscription then they gave you 14 days time limit.

First, you have to cancel the service and after that, you need to pack the equipment in the shipping box. Now go to the nearest WOW store and drop off the equipment.

If you have any quarry related to the topic then let us know in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to contact WOW?

If you want to contact WOW customer support, then go to their website, find contact information, and contact them through phone number or email.

2. How much does it cost to cancel WOW Internet?

If you want to cancel WOW internet service after 30 days of subscription, then you have to pay early termination fees. The fees can be $165 for 1 year and $345 for 2 years.

3: What kind of equipment can I return to WOW?

A: You can return any equipment provided by WOW, including modems, routers, cable boxes, and other hardware.

4: How will I know that WOW has received my returned equipment?

A: You can check the status of your return on the WOW website or by contacting customer service. WOW will also send you a confirmation email once they receive the equipment.

5. What is the speed of WOW internet?

The speed of WOW internet ranges from 50 to 1000 Mbps.