Lower Your Ping & Fix Lag: Control Game Speed On PS5

Do you know how it feels when you are performing well in PUBG Mobile or any other shooting game and are suddenly killed due to a high ping? This happens to me many times and I know it also happened to you, that’s why you’re here to find some real way to lower your ping and fix the lag on PS5.

So, the main reason for the high ping is an unstable internet connection. You will also face lagging on your device if there is no stable internet connection with good speed.

I have done some research about this problem and found some troubleshooting steps that really help me to lower ping and fix the lag on PlayStation 5.

With my experience, I am going to share with you the troubleshooting steps that I have followed to lower ping and fix lag on my PS5.

In this guide, you will know why you need Lower Ping for gaming, and all the easy ways and methods to fix lag and ping issues in PS5.

So, without wasting any time, let’s deep dive into this guide.

Why You Need to Lower Ping When it comes to gaming?

When you need something called ping, which is essentially the time your PC or console has taken to respond to a request sent by another computer.

If you notice that your ping time is 150 or extra, you will encounter waits in the game.

How to Lower Ping and Fix Lag on Your PS5.

No question about how decent a gaming console you have (including the latest Playstation or Xbox).

You need to assure that your internet communion is reliable. These are some steps that you can follow to lower ping and fix lag on PS5.

1. Wired Ethernet or Powerline Adapter

If you are looking to create big modifications and not just a few adjustments because that is not working anymore.

Here’s one of the greatest crucial shifts you can make no matter what platform you are operating for your online gaming needs.

You get the best outcomes for online gaming when you use a wired connection because it is more stable than Wi-Fi.

And they are more credible with better momentum and lower ping. Read this if you have no ethernet port in your house.

2. Using a VPN for Faster Gaming

A VPN can certainly cut game latency and improve overall performance.

If you attach to a VPN server that is close to a gaming server, you can enhance your speed relative to your standard internet connection.

It may seize a less direct route to the server.

3. Check out the gaming speed if you use VPN

With a VPN, your internet traffic is encrypted, meaning your service provider cannot see what you are doing.

A VPN is a great way to avoid ISP throttling and enjoy unrestricted speeds on PS4 and PS5.


Fast server speeds and low ping for PlayStation 5.

Watch Using NORDVPN For Gaming.

If you are looking for a VPN antidote for your PS5 that will offer the fastest possible speeds and low ping. NordVPN is a good choice

You can use NordVPN to get high-speed internet. This VPN also protects your devices from spammers and hackers to avoid unauthorized access.

NordVPN will deter such dangers as it will mask your real IP address with that of the VPN server.


Fast speeds and first-class privacy and security features make this a great choice for gamers.

  • 3,000+ servers in 94 countries
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Lightning-fast and reliable speeds
  • The Lightway protocol is optimized for a quick yet safe VPN connection.

It is a decent-sized VPN server network with excellent coverage.

Which offers a MediaStreamer service that enables users to watch streaming content on their PlayStation with minimal setup required.

It is also easy to set up on your router to ensure security for all internet users.

With a 30-day refund policy, it gives users time to try it out.

4. Changing DNS Settings for Faster Internet

The simple technique starts with testing the network connection. Here are 2 different methods to change your DNS settings:


1. Go to Settings.

2. Select Network and tap on Test Network Connection.

3. Go back to the Network and select the option called ‘Setup Internet Connection.’

4. Then click on Wi-Fi or LAN and then go to your router option by clicking on “Options.”

5. If your router is on 5 GHz, you can change the IP settings from automatic to manual.


1. Go to the website DNS Benchmark tool and download and extract a program called Namebench.

2. Now, improve your health check performance by changing it to fast and keeping the query number at 250.

3. The process might take 20-30 minutes.

4. A tab will open on your screen which gives you information about average pings.

5. If you want a stable ping, make sure that the difference between the minimum and maximum is as little as possible.

6. Now, open your DNS settings and enter the values from the browser tab.

5. Get a New Gaming Router

If you want to enhance your connection speed and make the best of what you are paying for. You can buy a new gaming router that performs better than the previous one.

Check out the Quality of Service (QoS) feature which allows you to prioritize your router traffic and puts gaming above all else.

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Wrapping Up

After the launch of the PS5, most gamers think that this gaming console will provide next-generation features and will also help to grow the gaming community.

But, this gaming console also can’t perform better without a good internet connection.

The Summary

The meaning of high ping is that you are not getting a stable and good internet connection on your device. When the device has high ping, then you can’t play any game properly because the game will lag and jitter so much.

Here in this article, we have explained how to lower ping ad fix lag on PS5 to help tackle lag issues in online multiplayer games like Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, etc.

And I hope you were able to find the solution to your problem. If you have any problems feel free to reach out in the comment section.


How to lower ping in PS5 with simple steps?

  • First, use an Ethernet cable to connect the PS5 to the router
  • Disconnect all other devices which are connected to the same network
  • Restart your console
  • Reboot your router.
  • Check the status of PlayStation services
  • Contact PlayStation Support if there are issues

How much ping is best for Playing games on PS5?

If you like to play shooting games, then the ping should be between 20-100 for better gaming performance.

Why do we get killed easily in games by other people having low ping?

It is because the other person has a more stable internet connection than you. So, when they fire on you, you will get damaged or killed easily.