WPS Button On Netgear Router: Where Do I Find It

Netgear routers come with advanced features. You can use Netgear networking products for your business work. When people use this router for the first time, then they don’t know about all ports and buttons of this router. So, the common queries they ask are how can I find WPS button on Netgear Router.

If you are also using this router for the first time and facing a problem in finding a WPS button, then read this post carefully.

Netgear Router WPS button can be used for various purposes like connecting to Wi-Fi, securing your connection, etc.

Actually, most people think that the router is just a box in white or black color. This box comes with green or orange light that blinks continuously.

They only focus on light when using it and avoid getting information about every port and button present in the router.

As a result, when they get some issue in the router they start contacting customer care and start finding the WPS button on the router. That’s why we are explaining everything about the WPS button on Netgear Router.

So, in this guide, you will know What is the WPS button on Netgear Router, How to find WPS button on Netgear Router, Why we require WPS button on Netgear and How to use WPS to connect to Netgear Wi-Fi?

What is WPS Button on Netgear Router?

Wi-Fi Protected Setup allows you to connect your all devices to the wireless router without entering your SSID name and password. You can also let someone connect to your Wi-Fi network without sharing a password.

WPS works best when you want to connect a Wi-Fi device like a Printer or TV where entering the network name and password can be tough.

There are two methods to connect to WPS-enabled devices:

1. WPS Push Method

You can use this method when your router and device support WPS features. For this, your Netgear Router and WPS-enabled device must have a WPS button.

To connect the router and the device to each other, you only need to press the WPS button on both the router and the device and they will connect automatically without a password.

2. WPS PIN Method

This method can be used if your route doesn’t have a WPS button. So, you can use the WPS PIN method to connect your devices with the Netgear Router.

How Can You Find WPS Button on NetGear Router?

Most people don’t know about WPS features and its functions. It is necessary to know about WPS because if you face any issue in the router, then you can fix it on your own by using the WPS button.

You only need to know some basics of WPS instead of technical knowledge.

You can easily find the WPS button on the back of Netgear Router. The WPS button on other brand routers is also located at the back.

After knowing the location of the router, you can easily follow these steps to connect your router.

  • Turn ON your Netgear Router
  • Press WPS button which is located at the back of the router
  • Now follow the instructions from the user manual to connect using the WPS button on Netgear Router

You don’t need to worry about finding the WPS button on the Netgear Router because mostly the WPS button is located at a similar location. If you want a smooth experience of connection, then you change channels on Netgear Router.

Why Do We Require WPS Button on NetGear Router?

WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup, which means WPS provides security for your connections. Netgear and other routers which are available in the market all come with WPS features and WPS buttons.

When you WPS feature to secure your connection, then your Wi-Fi will be safe in every public place. So, any other person can’t access your Wi-Fi or attack your router.

You can use the WPS button also when you are allowing another person to connect to your Wi-Fi without a password or you are connecting many devices of your home to the same Wi-Fi network.

How to Connect to Netgear Wi-Fi by Using the WPS button?

As we mentioned earlier, you can connect your WPS-enabled devices to Netgear Router without choosing SSID and entering a password.

But keep in mind that every device doesn’t come with WPS features so you have to check before connecting to Netgear Wi-Fi.

While following the steps of connecting, be aware of other Wi-Fi devices in your area that can be connected to your Netgear Router easily. If any person gets unauthorized access to your internet, your internet speed can be slow, and also data limit can be exhausted.

In this situation, we will suggest you to use your network name and password.

Follow these steps to connect your device to Netgear Router using the WPS button.

1. First, turn ON your Netgear Router.

2. Now, keep your Wi-Fi devices close to the router.

3. Read the User Manual of your devices to find the WPS instructions.

4. Now, Find the WPS button on Netgear Router and Press it.

5. Press the WPS button also on your Wi-Fi device within 2 minutes because WPS only works for 2 minutes.

6. You successfully connected your Wi-Fi device to Netgear Wi-Fi.

If the above steps didn’t work, then the instructions from the Wi-Fi device User Guide or User Manual.

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You can easily find WPS Button on NetGear Router by looking at the front or back panel of the router. In most of the Netgear Router, WPS button is located at a similar location which can be at the back or at the front.

It is very necessary to have knowledge about the WPS button because you can use it if you face any issue with the connection with the router. The WPS button can also be used to connect Wi-Fi devices to the router without entering a password.

We have mentioned the steps above to connect your Wi-Fi device to Netgear router. So, follow those steps carefully.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have other queries then mention them in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which symbol indicates the WPS button?

The WPS button mostly comes in blue color in most of the routers. You can use the WPS button to turn Wi-Fi ON or OFF.

For how much time do I press the WPS button?

It usually depends on your settings, you can press and release the WPS button to turn Wi-Fi ON or OFF. If you want to connect Wi-Fi devices, then press WPS button for three seconds.