No Ethernet Ports In House: How To Get Fast Internet

High-Speed Internet is now a basic need of every person. We do most of the tasks like banking, jobs, education, and watching entertainment stuff with the help of the internet. There may be a problem if there are no ethernet ports in house. But you can easily deal with this situation with the help of this guide.

When the Internet came into existence for the first time, it was very necessary to have an ethernet port in the house to get high-speed internet.

At that time, most of the devices which worked with the internet came with ethernet ports. But now, technology has completely improved.

In today’s world, we can also get high-speed internet without using ethernet ports. It is possible with the help of Wi-Fi technology which works wirelessly.

There was a time when we used to say, we can get high-speed internet only through a wired connection but it is not true now.

There are lots of options available to get high-speed internet without having ethernet ports in house.

I have researched about options and also used them to get high-speed internet. Those options work smoothly, and I am sharing with you all those alternatives.

So, In this guide, you will learn how much internet speed you can get with or without ethernet ports. Why is it not necessary to use Ethernet Cable? Alternatives of Ethernet ports to get High-Speed Internet.

How much Internet Speed can you get with or without Ethernet Ports?

This is a major query raised by lots of users who use the internet with the help of any medium to do their tasks.

So, I am clearly explaining the differences in the internet speed of Ethernet cables and Wi-Fi connection.

When there was no Wi-Fi technology introduced, ethernet cable was the only option to get high-speed internet. Lots of essential tasks like banking and education were done with the help of ethernet cables.

After some time, Wi-Fi technology came, and now most of the tasks are done with a Wi-Fi connection. It is because Wi-Fi is more convenient and easy to install than an ethernet connection.

When you use an ethernet cable today, you can get up to 10 Gbps or higher internet speed while with a Wi-Fi connection, you can get up to 7 Gbps.

These speeds may be lower or higher than the average speed which totally depends upon your location and company’s service.

Why Is It Not Necessary to use Ethernet Cable?

If there are no ethernet ports in your house, then you don’t need to worry because you can use a Wi-Fi connection to get high-speed internet.

It is possible to install an Ethernet connection in your house if you really want to do it, but there are lots of consequences and trouble you may face.

The cost of an Ethernet connection is too expensive, so it is not as easy to install as it sounds.

If you don’t care about money and can deal with all situations while installing an ethernet connection, then you should definitely go for the process.

On the other hand, if you do some simple tasks by using the internet and don’t have so much money, then you can install a Wi-Fi connection in your home.

There is not so much difference in internet speed between Ethernet connection and Wi-Fi connection. When you use a Wi-Fi connection at a location with good 5G coverage, then you can get 10 Gbps internet speed.

So, it is not necessary to use only Ethernet Connection to get high-speed internet. There are lots of alternatives to Ethernet connection available which I am going to share in the next section.

You can try any of the alternatives which can provide high-speed internet at your location.

Alternatives of Ethernet Ports to get High-Speed Internet

There are many alternatives to ethernet ports that you can use to get high-speed internet if there are no ethernet ports in your house.

Most of the alternatives are wireless and easily allow you to use the internet.

1. Use Mobile Hotspot

If you have a smartphone with a hotspot feature, then your problem is solved. You can use your mobile’s hotspot to connect to other devices like laptops, or desktops to use the internet.

The speed of your hotspot internet will totally depend on the network coverage in your area and the number of devices connected to the hotspot.

It is very easy to connect any device to your mobile hotspot by following these steps.

  • Enable your Mobile hotspot and Turn it ON
  • Open Wi-Fi on a device on which you want to use the internet
  • Select your Mobile Wi-Fi SSID
  • Enter password
  • Wait for some seconds to connect with the hotspot

With these steps, you can easily connect any device to the hotspot of your mobile phone and can use the internet easily.

2. Use Bluetooth Tethering

You can use a hotspot and tethering to provide internet to other devices through your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

If you have a USB cable, then you can use it for BlueTooth and USB tethering which allows you to use the internet. This is the best option if you use the internet in a very low amount.

Follow these steps for Bluetooth Tethering:

  • Connect one end of a USB cable to your mobile and another end to the desktop or laptop
  • Wait for the option enabled in your device
  • Now turn on the internet and mobile hotspot
  • Use the internet on your desktop or laptop
  • Follow these steps again if not works properly

3. Use Wi-Fi Router

If there is no hotspot feature in your mobile phone or it gets damaged, then you can use a Wi-Fi router to get fast internet speed.

Wi-Fi routers are most popular nowadays because they are affordable, convenient, and easy to install.

With good network coverage, routers can provide you the internet speed that you can’t imagine.

If you are going to try a new Wi-Fi router, then I will suggest you to use a 5 GHz Wi-Fi router. I suggested it because it provides more speed than the old Wi-Fi routers.

You have to check your devices if they are compatible with 5GHz Wi-Fi. After that, you can enjoy high-speed internet on your device.

Make sure your device is not kept so far from the Wi-Fi router because the 5 GHz Wi-Fi range is very low.

4. Use USB to Ethernet Adapter

A small device or adapter is available in the market which is used to connect one device to other devices with the help of an ethernet cable and USB port.

This device is very short. Its one end comes with a USB cable and another end with an Ethernet port.

The function of this adapter is simple and easy to use the internet and share big files with another device.

If you have an ethernet connection in your home and only a device connected to the ethernet, then you can use this adapter.

You have to insert the USB end of the adapter into the USB port of the device which is already connected. On the other end, you have to connect an Ethernet cable to the device on which you want to use the internet.

If another device doesn’t support an ethernet cable, then you can again connect a USB to an ethernet adapter and plug the USB end of the adapter into another device.

You have to buy a Cat5E or Cat6 Cable and a USB 3.1 or USB 3.0 adapter. There are lots of fake products available in the market, so check the authenticity, reliability, and warranty of these products.

5. Use Range Extenders

When there is a Wi-Fi router in your home and you are not getting good internet speed in any area of your home, then you can use Range Extenders to increase the network range of your Wi-Fi router.

This device is helpful if you live in a big house and there is only one Wi-Fi connection. It is normal that the range of the router will decrease when you start going far away from the Router.

So, you can use Range Extenders to increase network range. It also enhances network signals if you have an unstable internet connection even if your device is close to the Wi-Fi router.

Choose a better quality Range Extenders which works better and can really solve your internet speed problem.

These are some best alternatives that you may try to get fast internet speed if there are no ethernet ports in your house.

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This was all about how to get high internet speed when there are no ethernet ports in the house. You know, it is not necessary to use Ethernet Cable only to get high internet speed because there are lots of alternatives available.

Most of the alternatives are wireless and work perfectly to give you instant results. In general, the internet speed depends on the network coverage of your service provider at your location.

If there is good network coverage, then you can get up to 10 Gbps with the help of a Wi-Fi connection which is cheap, easy to install and convenient than Ethernet connection.

I hope you enjoyed this post and get valuable information. If you have other queries, then ask us in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect your device to another device using an Ethernet Cable?

If your one device is connected to an Ethernet network and you want to connect it to another device to use the internet, then you have to use a Gigabit Adapter.

You have to insert the USB end of the adapter into your desktop or laptop and connect the other end with an Ethernet cable to connect with other devices.

What is the cost to install Ethernet Port at home?

You have to spend almost $150 for the complete installation of the Ethernet port in the house.

What things can I use to enhance our network range at home?

You can use Powerline adapters or Wi-Fi Range Extenders to increase the network range and to get better internet speed without fluctuations.