How to Rename Apps on Android  A Step by Step Guide

Any smartphone depends on its apps since they make carrying out many daily chores simple and Rename apps on android. To effectively utilise your smartphone, you may occasionally need to modify an app’s name. However, most users of iOS and Android devices are unaware of how to rename programmes.

Don’t worry if you are one of them as well. I’ll put together a step-by-step tutorial to show you how to rename applications on your smartphone effectively.

Open the App Drawer

The app drawer icon, which is frequently near the bottom Centre of your home screen, may be accessed by touching or swiping up. Here, you can see every program that is installed on your smartphone.

Locate the App to Rename

Locate the program you want to rename by scrolling through the list of apps. If you tap and hold the app icon, the menu will appear. Depending on your device, the menu can provide choices like “App info” or “Edit.”

Access App Info

Select the “App info” or “Edit” option from the menu. This will open the settings page for the selected app.

Tap on the App Name

Look for the programme name on the settings screen after it has opened. When you tap it, a text field with an editable name should emerge.

Rename the App

Using the on-screen keyboard, rename the app to your desired name. Ensure that the new name is clear and easy to recognize. Once you have entered the new name, tap “OK” or “Save” to confirm the change.

Verify the Renamed App

Return to your home screen or app drawer to see if the app’s name has been successfully changed. You should now see the new name displayed beneath the app icon.

Repeat for Other Apps

To rename other apps, repeat steps 2 to 6 for each application you wish to rename. Take your time to create meaningful names that align with your organizational preferences.

Additional Tips

1. Be cautious when renaming system apps, as this can potentially disrupt the functionality of your device. Stick to renaming user-installed apps to avoid any issues.

2. Avoid using special characters or excessive symbols in the app names, as these can sometimes cause display issues or inconsistencies across different Android versions.

3. Consider grouping apps thematically or by category. For example, you could create folders for social media apps, productivity tools, or entertainment apps, and then rename the folders accordingly.


Renaming applications on an Android device is an easy and efficient method to personalize your home screen and improve the user experience in general. You may quickly rename applications to make a unique and well-organized smartphone interface by following the step-by-step instructions provided above. Try out several names and organization strategies to see what works best for you. Take advantage of a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing Android experience that is personalized for you!

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Can I rename system apps on my Android device?

Renaming system apps is not recommended as it can potentially disrupt the functionality of your device. Stick to renaming user-installed apps to avoid any issues.

Will renaming an app affect its functionality?

No, renaming an app will not affect its functionality. It’s simply a visual change to personalize the app’s name on your home screen.

Can I revert back to the original name after renaming an app?

Yes, you can easily revert back to the original name of the app. Simply follow the same steps to edit the app name and delete the custom name you entered, then save the changes.

Will renaming an app delete its data or settings?

No, renaming an app does not delete any of its data or settings. Your app’s data and settings will remain intact even after you rename it.

Are there any limitations on the characters or length of the app name?

While there are no strict limitations, it’s advisable to keep the app name concise and avoid using special characters or excessive symbols. This helps ensure better compatibility and display across different Android versions.