How To Enable Dislike Count On YouTube Again (Easy Guide)

A dislike count on youtube videos can be very useful to determine if a video is trustworthy enough to serve you the right information or not. But as you can see, Youtube no longer supports dislike count option. But if you need it then I’m writing down some easiest ways to enable dislike count button on youtube.

The reason for the dislike button not appearing on a YouTube video on your device is that YouTube disabled the dislike count in November 2021. They disabled the dislike button to keep big and small creators away from hate and targeting to maintain a healthy community.

While YouTube temporarily disabled the dislike count to encourage a friendly environment, there are still ways to access this information.

One option is using the Return YouTube Dislike Chrome extension, which provides an estimated dislike count for any video on the platform.

Another solution is the YouTube Vanced app for Android devices, which offers a variety of customization options including the ability to view the dislike count.
While these tools may not give you exact numbers, they can still give you a general idea of how a video is being received by the community.

So, go ahead and give one of these tools a try. Just remember, regardless of whether you choose to enable the dislike count or not, it’s important to maintain a positive and respectful community on YouTube!

Ways To Enable dislike count on Youtube

You can easily enable Dislike Count on YouTube by using 2 methods:

  1. Chrome extension introduced by Google known as ‘Return YouTube Dislike’
  2. By using YouTube vanced app.

Now, let’s know about these two methods to enable dislike count.

1. Enable Dislike Count on YouTube Using the ‘Return YouTube Dislike’ extension

This is the extension introduced by Google after YouTube disabled the dislike count. By using Return YouTube Dislike, you can easily know the exact number of dislikes on a particular video.

This extension can be installed on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or iOS browsers.

Follow these steps to install the ‘Return YouTube Dislike’ extension or plugin on your browser.

1. Open your browser.

2. Open the Google search engine.

3. Search for the Return YouTube Dislike extension.

Search for Return YouTube Dislike extension

4. Choose the extension for your Chrome or Firefox browser.

Choose Return YouTube Dislike extension for your Chrome browser

5. Download and install the extension on your browser.

Download Return YouTube Dislike extension for your Chrome browser

6. Open YouTube on your browser and hit refresh.

YouTube homepage

7. Now select a video and you can see the dislike count on that video.

Dislike count on YouTube

This is the easiest method to enable Dislike Count on YouTube again. If this method does not work for you, then you can try the next method.

2. Enable Dislike Count on YouTube using the YouTube Vanced app

On Desktop:

If you want to see the dislike count on your browser, then you can follow these steps.

1. Open your browser, I will recommend you open Google Chrome.

2. Search for

3. Select Return YouTube Dislike.

Youtube vanced app for pc

4. After selecting, download the extension from the Google Web store.

5. Now, open YouTube on your browser and hit refresh.

6. You can easily see the dislike count on every video on YouTube.

Dislike count on YouTube using Youtube vanced app

These were the steps to enable dislike count on the browser, but if you mostly use mobile or smartphone, then you can also enable Dislike on your smartphone.

Now, let’s know how you can enable dislike on Mobile

On your Smartphone

These are the steps you need to follow to enable dislike on YouTube vanced app.

1. Open your mobile phone.

2. Open a browser and search for a YouTube vanced app.

3. Download and install the app.

4. Now, open the YouTube Vanced app.

5. Go to Settings.

6. Select Return YouTube Dislike Settings.

7. Now turn on the dislike count button.

8. After that, open YouTube and start a video to watch.

9. You can see the dislike count on a video now, if you are unable to see it, then follow these steps again.

By following the above methods, you can easily see the dislike count on YouTube videos on your mobile phone.


Wow, what a journey we’ve had exploring the world of YouTube dislikes! In the end, it’s clear that being able to see the dislike count on videos is a valuable tool for both creators and viewers. While YouTube made the decision to hide the dislikes for the betterment of the community, there are still ways to see this information if you’re curious. By using the Return YouTube Dislike Chrome extension or YouTube Vanced app, you can get a general idea of the number of dislikes a video has received.

Remember, whether you choose to see the dislike count or not, it’s always important to maintain a positive and respectful atmosphere on YouTube. Let’s keep spreading love and kindness in the YouTube community!

I hope you enjoyed this post and got valuable information. If you have any suggestions and queries, then mention them in the comment section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do extensions and Plugins provide accurate data on Dislikes on YouTube videos?

Simply, we can say that the extensions and plugins that are used to enable dislike count may not provide exact and accurate data, but it provides average data to the users.

With average data, you can easily know about the popularity of a video among users and how they react to the video.

What are the Advantages of Disabled Dislike Count on YouTube?

There are some advantages of a closed dislike count on YouTube:

  • Eliminates abusive and inappropriate behavior
  • Removes unsocial elements
  • Motivates creators to create more videos
  • Don’t give creators a reason to be sad
  • Grows a healthy YouTube community
  • Removes hate for small creators

When Do You Need to Enable Dislike Count on YouTube?

There are some points to enable dislike count on YouTube:

  • Every dislike count on a video improves the YouTube experience
  • Creators get less exposure
  • To identify the content quality of a video
  • To remove similar videos from the Home feed
  • Get the similar video suggestions that you liked most

Can YouTube enable dislike count again?

No, there is no chance of enabling dislike count by YouTube.

What is the reason for YouTube disabled dislikes?

YouTube disabled dislike count on a video to prevent creators from harassment and to reduce dislike attacks to keep a safe environment on YouTube.

If any person dislikes my YouTube video, can I see him?

No, it is not possible to see who disliked your YouTube video.

Does the Chrome extension for Return YouTube Dislike support all YouTube videos?

Yes, the plugin offers an estimation of the dislike count and works with all videos.

Are customizing options available for YouTube Vanced app?

The app does really provide a variety of customization choices for a more unique YouTube experience. You may examine the number of dislikes for a video, disable adverts, force resolutions, play videos in the background, and other settings.

Power users and those who prefer to have more control over their YouTube experience frequently choose the app because it also offers more features and customizations that are not included in the default YouTube app.

How can I make my YouTube video production quality better?

Utilizing top-notch equipment, improving lighting and sound, and using a pro editor are just a few of the ways you can improve the production quality of your YouTube videos. You can develop engaging content for your audience by doing your research and investing in the appropriate tools and methods.