Game pigeon on Android | Best Tricks to Install and Play

Do you like to play games on your mobile phones? Even me too, I also love to play mobile games. But it is really amazing that you can have many games in one game that is “Game Pigeon”.

It is a favorite game for iPhone users. But not only iPhone users, but even Android users can also play this game on their Android phones.

Game Pigeon is developed by Vitalli Zlotskii, this mobile gaming app is directly interlinked with the iMessaging (Apple) app.

There is no gaming app like Game Pigeon which is directly connected to any app for android users. Game pigeon is a four stars app on the play store. 2.2.2 is the latest version of Game Pigeon.

You can also play Game pigeon on your Android phones but it could be a little tricky. Because you can not directly download Game pigeon from the play store, this extension is not available there.

You can download Game Pigeon on your Android phone by making some changes to your phone settings.

Game pigeon is a rare game and it is really different from other gaming apps. Even though Game pigeon has no competition, no gaming app can match the level of Game pigeon.

There are many apps that are similar to Game Pigeons but do not have that kind of popularity.

How to download game pigeon on Android?

As I told you before, the Game pigeon is basically designed for iPhone users that’s why it’s tricky to download it on Android phones. But now I will tell you how to download game pigeon on Android in just simple steps.

To download game pigeon you have to follow these steps which are given below

1. You have to download the game pigeon from the official site.

2. Then, try to go with Java Development Kit 9.

3. Once you are done with it, then you have to download the Mac operating system file from it.

4. Now go to the browser and run the command that will allow you to download a Mac operating system file. Your setting of macros files is running now.

5. Allow the terminal commands to run.

6. Now you are allowed to run commands.

7. When your command asks you for an email, you have to enter the same email which you have used in your Mac OS. Otherwise, it will not run or work further.

8. Once this process will be completed then you have to enter the password of that email.

9. Then, connect your Android device with macOS. It will help you further through the application to download the messages.

10. To log in, you have to enter the IP address and password of the Mac OS.

When all the process is done, you can see the devices are connected to your screen. You can easily test it by entering the text from one device to another one. It will take up to three minutes to show messages on the other device.

In case, you are not comfortable applying these above steps, you try one of these best alternatives of the game pigeon app.

Best android alternatives of game pigeon

These are some similar gaming apps like Game pigeon, but they are not in competition with game pigeon. The best alternatives for a game pigeon are as follows:

1. Plato

Plato is a social gaming app. There can be more than 30 multiplayer at a time in a game. You can play with your friends and also you can interact with them.

Make new friends, play with them, and chat with them. You can play and chat at the same time without missing a single message.

It is a real-time game app. Plato also gives you privacy so that you won’t have to give your number and email address to use this social gaming app.

The next update of Plato is going to be group gaming. You can play with random matches, the system will automatically make a match with a random player.


One of my personal favorite gaming apps. It has many amazing games including archery, snakes and ladders, chess, ludo, and many many more such entertaining games.

This gaming app also has a wonderful feature of voice chat. You can play games and at the same time, you can do voice chat.

HAGO’s matchmaking is really amazing. When you start a game you will randomly get connected to a person and you can enjoy the games further. Also, you can send them a request to make them your friends.


It is also a social gaming application that allows you to play games with random new friends. POKO lets you do text chats, and voice chats and also allows you to invite those new friends on your other social networking apps, like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. You can also play two-player games.

POKO is a fun way to make new friends and it’s pretty straightforward. POKO also includes many games like solo and multiplayer. These games are best for people who are extroverted.

Apart from Game pigeon, these three are really good choices.

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Final Thoughts

To wrap up: When people are bored, they usually want to do something for fun. Some people love to play games to pass their time. I am also one of them.

So there are many games you can play, and Game Pigeon is one of them. But game pigeon only works on iPhones.

So you have the best alternatives that are similar to Game pigeon and work on android. These alternatives will be going to give you Game Pigeon-like vibes. Once you defeat your opposite contestant then you will start enjoying the game.

I have already given you the steps that will help you to download game pigeon on your android phone. But still, if you are not able to download the game, Do not download the game at any kind of risk. It will harm your android device.

You can ask your queries in the comment section. I hope you liked this article. Thank you!

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