How To Fix Spectrum Remote Not Working (Simple Tips)

We can use Spectrum TV to browse the internet and watch live TV channels on the TV screen. We change the volume or channels with the help of Spectrum Remote. But sometimes, you aren’t able to do it properly. It means your Spectrum remote is not working properly due to some circumstances.

It is very necessary that your remote should work properly otherwise you can’t use Spectrum in the proper way. To fix it, most people search for a solution online and can’t get the right method. So, in this guide, we are providing the complete details and steps that will really help to fix your Spectrum remote.

All the details and steps mentioned here are used by us previously and we also fixed our Spectrum remote. Without wasting your time, we are moving forward to the main section.

What is Spectrum TV?

It is an app that offers services to watch Live TV, shows, and movies on any screen. There are no limitations of location and screen size to use this app. If you like to watch TV daily but do not have a budget to purchase a TV, you can use the Spectrum app on your mobile phone also.

Its basic plan starts from $49.99/month. In this plan, you can access more than 125 channels, and more than 85,000 on-demand titles and can stream live with the help of the Spectrum TV app on any device.

What is Spectrum Remote?

Spectrum Remote is the basic TV remote controller that is easily available in the market. You can control multiple devices by using only one remote because of its programmable keys.

Apart from popularity, it can also have some issues that are previously mentioned by the users. Spectrum remote not working sometimes with other platforms.

There are some issues that are reported by the users:

  • Its red light might flash several times
  • Main LED light not flashing
  • Its response time is very slow
  • Channels can be changed but volume unable to change
  • Sometimes, channels also not getting changed

These are the issues detected by the users while using Spectrum remote for their devices. Now, know what are the causes which are responsible for this.

What are the Causes of Spectrum TV not working?

After research, we have found out the common causes which are responsible for the issues that are present in the Spectrum remote.

  • The Remote is not set properly. If the spectrum remote is not set properly to use with a specific device, then you can face issues.
  • Bad Pairing. There may be a chance that your remote is not programmed properly to work with a device.
  • Data not set properly. We all know that a remote contains small storage, so if it is not set properly you will face issues. You can resolve the issue by resetting the remote.
  • The Remote Signal transmitter is broken. This is the most common issue because it is physical damage to your remote. If it occurs, your remote can’t transmit data properly.
  • The issue in Spectrum Cable box. You need to fix the issue of the remote by fixing the issue of the Spectrum Cable box by simple troubleshooting methods.

How to fix Spectrum Remote not Working?

You can easily fix the issue of Spectrum TV by following the solutions that we are going to explain. All solutions are working and can be performed without having technical knowledge. So, let’s move forward.

Replacing Remote Battery

This is the most common cause that interrupts the working of Spectrum remote. The batteries consume lots of power because of the functionality of the remote.

So, Replace the old batteries with the new pair and try to perform actions with the remote like changing channels or volume. Make sure that you have inserted the batteries in their slots properly.

Do Switching between Cable and TV

It is very difficult for lots of users to switch to TV control mode by using the Spectrum remote. It is a little confusing but it will not when you press the right combination of keys.

So, to switch between cable and TV follow these steps.

1. You can see a CBL button on the top section of the spectrum remote, then press and hold it and also press the OK button and hold it for a few seconds and release both.

2. Now the CBL Button will glow, then you need to press Volume down button for one time, and after that press TV button.

3. You are now successfully switched to TV. When you press the Volume and Channel button, it will transmit to TV instead of cable.

4. You need to use the Volume UP button to default back to the cable mode.

Power Cycling Complete Setup

Sometimes, not only the remote stop working but the complete system can also have some issues. The parts of the setup like the TV and console stop working with the help of the remote. So, you can perform Power Cycling that can help to make your console work again.

The issue might be not fixed in power cycling for one time. So, you have to perform it several times until the issues will be fixed.

These are the steps to perform the power cycling:

1. Cut the power of every device of the complete setup.

2. Now disconnect power cables from each device and press and hold the power button for a few seconds to make sure that the devices do not have any power.

3. Remove batteries from your spectrum remote and press and hold the power button for a few seconds.

4. Leave this setup for 3-5 minutes.

5. Do the connection of each device and plug back everything. Now check the Spectrum remote if it is working fine or not.

Factory Reset the Remote

This method can be used if you have programmed your Spectrum remote wrongly with the console. If this happens, your remote will not perform any action until you do a factory reset. Before going to do a factory reset of your remote, make sure that you have stored or noted down the essential details and credentials which will be required to set up again.

Now let’s know the steps to factory reset your Spectrum remote.

1. Press the TV button and hold it for a few seconds.

2. Press and hold the OK button for 1 second while holding the TV button, then release both buttons at the same time.

3. Now press the Delete button and hold it for 3 seconds.

4. Your remote will now successfully reset to factory defaults. Now you need to repair it with the R2FIR Converter.

  • Unplug the R2FIR Converter from the Set-top box.
  • Now Press Find and hold it. Plug back the R2FIR Converter while holding Find.
  • Now release Find and bring the remote close to the set-top box to pair it with R2FIR Converter.
  • After successfully paired, the Spectrum remote will work better.

Enable Control of TV

If you are trying to control your TV with the spectrum remote, but it doesn’t work. This is due to the fact that the controlling option of the TV is not enabled. You are able to control the cable box but not the TV, it might be frustrating.

So you need to enable the control of the TV to the settings of Spectrum by following these steps:

1. Turn on your Set-top box and press the Menu button from the Spectrum remote.

2. Select Settings and Support and press OK from the remote.

3. Now select Support and navigate to the Remote control.

4. Navigate to the option Connect Remote to TV.

5. After that, select the option Connect to TV.

6. Now select your TV set by clicking the option View All.

7. After selecting the TV set, you can control your TV with the Spectrum remote easily.

Fix Stuck Buttons on Remote

In most cases, due to the dust present inside the buttons, the remote stops working and isn’t able to transmit signals.

Follow these steps:

1. Remove the dirtiness inside the buttons with the help of a vacuum cleaner or pressurized air.

2. Use a cover for the remote.

3. Once you have successfully removed the dirt, move around all the buttons of the remote and check if it is working fine.

Contact Customer Support

If you are unable to fix your remote by following the above methods then you should contact Spectrum support to solve your problem. Spectrum provides the best customer care support by which you can get your problem solved instantly.

They have a proper solution for every small problem so you can ask them without having any trouble. There are two options to contact: by chat or call. Choose the option according to your suitability. If you want a solution instant then you can call the operators.

Change Remote

If you got tired of following all the above steps and your problem with Spectrum remote has not been solved after contacting support, then you should replace or change your remote. It is possible that the set-top box or Console is working fine, and the issues are only in the Remote.

You can buy a new remote or replace it from the Spectrum stores. If you are going to buy a new one, keep in mind that it will be sent to you in five days by charging you some fees.

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We tried to explain all the easy methods to fix Spectrum remotes which are not working. All the steps are technically proven and followed by most of the customers and believe me, they get this issue solved. So you can also perform this method with full confidence. Keep in mind that you are performing them with full discipline otherwise, your remote can get more damaged.

There are some technical steps like factory reset and enabling control of TV, where you can lose all the data of the setup and you need to set it up again from scratch. So make sure to save your login credentials in a safe place to enter them again while resetting.

In the end, if you don’t get your problem after performing lots of tries or methods, then directly contact customer support or change your remote. I hope it will definitely solve the issue of Spectrum remote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we find the reset button on the Spectrum cable box?

The Reset button will be in a round shape and it can be on the front or back side of the box, so check properly.

How to watch all channels on the Spectrum app?

If you want to watch all channels on the Spectrum app other than the home network, then you need to enable the location permissions floor the MY Spectrum app.

How to pair the new Spectrum remote with the receiver?

Open the Menu option from your new remote, and Select Settings > Support > Remote control. Now choose the option RF Pair New Remote.