FBI Surveillance Van WiFi: Why Do I See It On My WiFi List (Full Explained)

When we open Wi-Fi on our mobile phone or any other device, then we can see lots of SSID names in the available network list. But what will you do if you see “FBI Surveillance Van” WiFi? Some people think it is real or fake. So, in this guide, I am going to explain if it is fake or if the FBI really uses this name as SSID.

First of all, you need to know that the FBI is an investigation agency or department which works in the United States.

There are a few people who don’t know about the FBI. We have heard about the FBI in lots of movies, shows, and TV programs.

The main work of the FBI is to investigate and stop crimes like civil rights violations, terror attacks, murders, etc.

Now, the main question is whether the FBI really uses the FBI Surveillance Van as their SSID name for the WiFi network.

If any person sees this name in his SSID list, he can be shocked instantly and run outside the home to find out if an FBI van really exists.

The FBI generally uses its Surveillance Van while investigating a situation or case, so this can be seen anywhere on the streets when a crime happens.

It is not true that if you are seeing an FBI surveillance van in the SSID list, then the FBI really exists and is observing you from outside.

So, in this guide, you will learn about FBI Surveillance Van. When the FBI uses a surveillance Van, Is FBI Surveillance Van WiFi real? Is it a joke? and What is the Real Truth about FBI Surveillance Van WiFi?

What is an FBI Surveillance Van?

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) professionals work on surveillance with Special agents to gather important information about ongoing terror attacks, and criminal investigations.

The FBI uses a van for surveillance which can be called a surveillance van. This van gets fully loaded with the latest technology devices. It can be called a moving spy hub with a simple appearance.

When does the FBI use Surveillance Van?

When the FBI needs to combat drug dealing or investigate a criminal case, then they use a surveillance Van.

Surveillance Van don’t look like normal vans because it is a fully modified vehicle with increased durability and capability.

The FBI uses surveillance vans to record private conversations of a criminal or suspect. They use it to get an idea about the next step and the dark secret of criminals.

When they use recorded conversations in a criminal case, then they are easily able to solve the case.

Is FBI Surveillance Van WiFi real?

We can say that the FBI van uses WiFi but it is not true that they will use this name in real situations.

If they put this name in real situations, they can expose themselves and criminals can get informed, so I don’t think the FBI uses this name as SSID.

We all know that anyone can change their WiFi network name and can put any name. So putting FBI surveillance van WiFi is not so hard for anyone.

If you get this name in your WiFi list, then there may be a high chance that anyone is using this name and trying to fool others.

So, you can say this is a kind of joke or prank by the people to give them some fear. If you see this name in your WiFi list, then don’t worry and relax.

Is it a joke or a Prank?

If there is no FBI van exists around your home, then it is totally a kind of joke or prank done by the prankster to threaten some people.

They can use this name to scare others to not use their WiFi. But some people can really get scared and can start thinking that why they are under surveillance.

If anyone is going to report you for putting this name on your WiFi connection, then you can get into serious trouble. As a result, the police department will start investigating you.

So, I will suggest you to not put the name of any government agency for your WiFi connection.

What is the real truth about FBI Surveillance Van WiFi?

As you know, any government agency will not want to expose themselves while doing any investigations. So, why FBI would use FBI Surveillance Van as SSID name of WiFi? They will not ever want to alert a person if he is under surveillance.

It is true that if you see this WiFi name in your list, then it means someone in your neighborhood using this name to scare some people. But some people who don’t have this knowledge can get scared and think the surveillance van is near their home.

In most cases, every government agency while doing an investigation hides its identity. They also hide the tools and techniques they use in the investigation.

As you know, FBI deals with very sensitive data, so they probably don’t use WiFi to protect critical information from cyber attacks.

Generally, Surveillance Van doesn’t use WiFi, but in case if they use then they will not expose themselves. They will not ever reveal their location while putting any person under surveillance.

So, you can say that this is totally a kind of joke attempted by your neighbor to make you funny or make you laugh.

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Now you know if FBI Surveillance Van WiFi is real or not. If FBI is really doing an investigation or putting a person under surveillance, then they will not ever expose themselves.

Not only the FBI, but other government agencies will also don’t expose themselves while doing an investigation.

So if you are seeing this name in your WiFi list, then it means someone is playing a prank to make his neighbors laugh.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got valuable information. If you have any suggestions and queries, then ask us in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get in trouble for putting FBI Surveillance Van name for WiFi connection?

If someone reports you to the police department, you may get into trouble. You may get a fine or some serious actions can take against you.

How to identify FBI Surveillance Van?

FBI van is a kind of modified van that gets fully loaded with the latest technology tools, gadgets, and equipment.

What FBI do with surveillance?

For investigation purposes, FBI records conversation held on the side of criminal or suspects. They can easily solve a case by using some ideas from surveillance.