How Do I Cancel My ESPN Plus Subscription?

ESPN+ is the most popular sports channel which allows you to watch your favorite Live sports games on your TV. This channel is widely used in the gaming season. When there is no gaming season, if you want to cancel your ESPN Plus Subscription, then we are sharing all steps in this guide to cancel your ESPN subscription.

There are lots of games available to watch daily on ESPN Plus. But if you like to watch sports only during the gaming season, then your ESPN Plus Subscription is only a waste of money.

You can watch daily live sports on other channels which are available for free. So, you don’t need the ESPN Plus channel every time.

So, in this guide, you will know about the steps to cancel ESPN Plus Subscription by using different methods.

Without wasting any time, let’s go through it.

How to Cancel My ESPN+ Subscription on Web

1. Launch a web browser and navigate to

2. If you’re not logged in, sign in to your ESPN account.

3. Select ESPN+ Subscription from the profile icon in the upper right corner.

4. On the next screen, select Manage and then Cancel Subscription.

5. To confirm the cancellation, click Finish.

How to Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription Over Phonecall

1. If you have forgotten your ESPN+ credentials or are simply lazy, you can cancel your ESPN+ subscription over the phone.

2. Provide all requested information to the customer executive.

3. Explain why you’ve decided to cancel.

4. Once the cancellation has been completed, request a confirmation email or letter.

How to Cancel ESPN+ Subscription on Google Play Store

Follow these steps to cancel your ESPN+ subscription if you subscribed through Google Play on an Android device.

1. Launch Google Play Store and select the hamburger icon in the upper left corner.

2. Go to Subscriptions.

3. Go to the ESPN+ subscription and click the Cancel Subscription button next to it.

4. To complete the process, confirm your cancellation.

How to Cancel ESPN Plus on Google Play Website

1. Launch a browser and navigate to

2. Select My Subscriptions from the left-hand menu panel.

3. Next to the ESPN+ subscription, click Manage.

4. Choose Cancel Subscription and confirm your cancellation.

How to Cancel ESPN+ Subscription on Amazon Website

If you want to watch ESPN+ on your Firestick or another FireOS device, use this method.

1. Launch your browser and navigate to

2. Sign in with your Amazon account credentials.

3. Select the Actions button next to your ESPN+ subscription.

4. Choose Cancel and confirm your subscription.

How to Cancel ESPN+ Subscription on iTunes (iPhone & iPad)

Your subscription will not be canceled if you uninstall the ESPN app from your iPhone or iPad. You must cancel it properly via iTunes settings.

1. Navigate to Settings on your iOS device.

2. On the next screen, tap the iCloud name and then Subscriptions.

3. Go to ESPN+ and select Cancel Subscription.

4. Complete the process of canceling the subscription.

To cancel your ESPN Plus subscription on Apple TV, follow these steps: Go to Settings -> Users & Accounts -> Select your account -> Subscriptions -> Select the ESPN+ subscription and cancel it.

How to Cancel My ESPN+ Subscription on Apple iTunes (PCs)

1. Launch iTunes on your computer and navigate to Account in the top navigation bar.

2. Choose View My Account.

3. Sign in with your Apple ID if you’re logged out.

4. Navigate to the Settings menu.

5. Select Manage from the Subscriptions menu.

6. Locate ESPN+ and click the Edit button next to it.

7. To finish the process, click Cancel Subscription.

How to Cancel ESPN+ Subscription on Roku Website

1. Log in to your Roku account via a browser on a PC or smartphone.

2. Log in to the Roku account you used to register for ESPN+.

3. Select Manage Subscriptions.

4. On the “My Subscriptions” page, next to ESPN+, click Unsubscribe.

How to Cancel ESPN+ Subscription Through Email

You can cancel your subscription by contacting ESPN+ customer service. If none of the above methods work for you or if you are unable to cancel your ESPN Plus subscription, you can contact ESPN+ support.

1. From your email address, send a cancellation request to [email protected]

2. Include your name, account information, payment method, and reason for cancellation in the email.

3. After 3-4 business days, you will receive an email confirming that your subscription has been canceled.

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How do I cancel my ESPN Plus membership?

There are nine different ways to cancel your ESPN+ subscription depending on your payment method. Choose a method that works for you.

Is it possible to get a refund for ESPN+?

No, regardless of when you cancel, you will not receive a refund from ESPN+. Instead, you can use ESPN+ until your next billing cycle.

Final Thoughts 

These are the methods by which you can easily cancel your ESPN Plus Subscription instantly. There are no cancellation fees to pay.

Keep in mind that if your subscription plan has some days remaining to complete, then you will have access to the service. If you cancel the Subscription before the validity period of your service, you will not get any refund.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any suggestions and queries then mention them in the comment section.