Cable Box Not Responding To Remote (Easy Fixing Guide)

Is your Cable box not responding to remote? If yes, then I have created this guide to help you in solving this issue. As we know, we can watch lots of shows and movies on TV by using a Cable box. But sometimes you can get issues with the TV remote or Cable box.

You don’t need to worry because you can easily find the reason and fix the issue by following the troubleshooting steps from this guide.

When we use a remote like Spectrum remote which is a kind of universal remote by which we can control multiple devices at home.

So, there is a high chance that lots of people use a universal remote to control their TV.

When we control the cable box with a remote to change channels or change volume, then light should blink on the cable box and the remote.

If there is no light Blinking on any one of the devices or on both of them, then there is some issue in your device or Cable box. The issue may be due to discharged batteries, bad programming, or cable box issues.

After that, you have to follow the troubleshooting steps to remove those issues.

So, in this guide, you will learn about all kinds of issues you may face, and the reasons for the issues, and the troubleshooting steps to fix Cable box not responding to remote.

What issues do you get When Cable Box Not Responding To Remote?

There are some issues that you can face if your cable box or TV remote is not working properly.

  • You are unable to change channels using remote
  • Channels can easily get changed by remote but the volume is not changing
  • The Red LED light of the remote or cable box flashes without stopping
  • There is no LED light flashing while pressing any button on remote
  • You are unable to pair the remote with the Cable box
  • Remote not working
  • Channels and volume change very slowly by the remote or taking more time than before

So, these are some issues you may face when your cable box or remote is not working properly.

What are the reasons for Cable Box Not Responding To Remote?

There are some reasons that may be responsible for your issues in Cable box or Remote.

1. Low Battery of Remote

If the battery of your remote is too low and completely discharged, then you may face improper working of the Cable box.

2. Wrong Setup

When you set up the remote to the cable box in the wrong way, then you will face an issue in the Cable box.

3. Wrong Pairing

To make your remote workable with remote, we have the first pair remote to the TV to the cable box. In case, you pair the remote to the other device, then your cable box will not work.

4. Buttons Stuck on the Remote

When we use the remote for a long time, then there is a possibility of dust taking place in the open area of the buttons.

So, if there will be lots of dust present there, then your remote buttons will work very hard and also you can’t control your Cable box properly.

5. Broken Remote

We all know that if we don’t care about the remote, then it can drop on the ground many times and can be broken from various parts.

So, if your remote is also broken due to dropping on the ground, then you can’t control your Cable box properly.

6. Cable Box Issue

The reason for the issue may also be due to the Cable box issue. There may be a chance that your cable box is broken, or it is not supported with your remote. In this case, you have to check the cable box properly.

7. Broken Signal/Transmitter of Remote

When you beat your remote very hard if it doesn’t work sometimes, then this action can break the signal or transmitter of your remote if it attempts many times.

This is because the transmitter in the remote is not connected too strongly to the working plate, so it can get detached by applying some force.

How to Fix Cable Box Not Responding to Remote

Now, after knowing about the reasons, I am going to share some troubleshooting steps to fix the issue with the Cable box.

1. Remove Obstructions Around Cable Box

You have to check if there is an Electromagnetic device present near the Cable box because that device can interfere with signals from the remote.

As a result, when you try to change channels or volume, then the Cable box will not respond to your commands.

So, it is very necessary to remove electromagnetic devices around the Cable box or you can move your Cable box away from your TV.

2. Replace Remote Battery

If the battery of your Remote is too low or completely discharged, then you must change them urgently. I will suggest you to use quality AA batteries that last longer than the normal one.

Good quality batteries maintain the health of your remote and work continuously for a long time.

3. Reset Cable Box

If changing batteries and removing obstructions method doesn’t help you, then you can try resetting the cable box. This process can be followed to remove minor errors and bugs from the Cable box.

To reset the Cable box, follow these steps.

  • Go to Settings of your Cable box
  • Find and select the Reset Set-top Box or Cable box option.
  • Wait for some time for the resetting process to be completed
  • Now use your remote and try changing channels and volume

4. Restart Cable Box

If the resetting process didn’t help you, then try restarting the receiver or cable box. This process is very easy and can help you to fix the problem.

This method is performed to fix if there are some electric power issues happening in the cable box.

To restart Cable box, follow these steps.

  • Turn off your TV and your Cable box
  • Remove power cable from cable box
  • Press and hold power button of Cable box for 60 seconds
  • Now Connect power cable to cable box again
  • Turn ON the TV and cable box
  • Wait for booting of Cable box
  • Now use remote and try to change channels and volume

5. Pair and Configure the remote to the Cable box correctly

As we mentioned earlier, if your remote is not properly paired and configured with Cable box, then your Cable box will not respond properly to the remote.

So, it is very necessary to pair and configure your Remote to the Cable box or TV in the correct way.

If you don’t have any idea about pairing and configuring, then you can read the instruction manual to get an idea.

6. Contact Customer Support

If the above methods didn’t help you to fix the issue of Cable Box Not Responding to Remote, then you can contact customer support. You can contact them by calling their number or via email.

When they get connected to you, then tell them about the problems you are facing and the steps you have tried to fix the issue.

7. Replace Cable box or Remote

When you ask customer support about the issue of Cable box, and they are not providing you the solution, then you can replace your old Cable box or Remote with the new one.

If your Cable box or remote is in the warranty period, then you can replace them without paying any fee, otherwise, you have to pay some fee for a new device.

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These were all solutions for the issue of Cable box Not Responding to remote. You can easily follow the troubleshooting steps that we mentioned above to fix the issue.

As we mentioned earlier, if you’re unable to change channels or volume, then the problem may be in Cable box or Remote. So, you have to check properly which device got the issue.

After that, you can change the batteries of your remote and can restart or reset your Cable box. If these methods do not work, then you can contact Customer Support.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some valuable information. If you have any suggestions and queries, then mention them in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix a non-working remote?

First of all, you have to replace the old batteries of the remote with the new one. After that, clean the terminals and dust around the buttons of the remote.

Can I use a Universal remote to control my audio device?

Yes, You can easily control all of the devices of your home which are audio or video devices.

Do I need to Pay to replace an old Cable box or Remote with a new one?

If your cable box or remote is in warranty period, then you don’t have to pay anything, otherwise, you need to pay some fees.