10 Best Bus Simulator Games For Android

Are you looking for bus Simulator games for android to play in your spare time? If yes, then this post is for you. Here, you will know about best bus simulation games that you can easily download from Google Play Store.

There are lots of categories of games available, but simulation games are very popular among them, you know why? It is because we get real experience while playing simulation games.

Bus simulation games are also one of them in which we drive a bus like a real driver. It allows you to drive in all weather conditions like sunny, rainy, cloudy, etc. So, you can experience driving in all weathers.

You can also choose different types of maps according to your interest to get the realistic experience of bus driving in every city of the map.

When you go to Google Play Store to find a best bus simulator games, then there may be a chance that you can’t choose the best among all of them. So we have created a list of 10 best simulator games for android for you.

Just find these listed games on Play Store and install them on your smartphone to play.

10 Best Bus Simulator games for Android

Here is the list of best bus simulator games. Let’s go through it.

1. Bus Simulator Indonesia

Bus Simulator Indonesia, best bus simulator game for android

Bus Simulator Indonesia is the best game that gives you the experience of a bus driver in Indonesia in an authentic way. This game is at the top of our list of bus simulator games for android.

This is the only game that has lots of features and gives the experience of a realistic Indonesian environment. It has over 50M downloads worldwide.


  • Controls are very easy
  • Realistic-looking Indonesian cities and places
  • Cool honks
  • Lots of Indonesian buses
  • 3D graphics
  • No ads

This game was released in 2017, and after that, it got lots of updates to improve gamers’ experience.

2. Coach Bus Simulator

Coach Bus Simulator, Best Bus Simulator Games For Android

This game is developed by Ovidiu Pop. It is the first driving game by which you can learn to drive in different scenarios. You have to pick up people from a location, show them amazing places and landscapes and leave them at their destination.

Coach Bus simulator gives you a realistic driving experience with incredible vehicles, world maps, and amazing interiors. If you like to drive through Europe, you can install this game. This game has 10M+ downloads worldwide.


  • Optimized Vehicle customization
  • Realistic World Map
  • Excellent Coach buses
  • Manage Company
  • Nice animation while people enter or exit the bus
  • Every weather condition with day and night cycle
  • Good Controls of steering, buttons
  • Advanced Traffic system
  • Online Multiplayer mode

3. Bus Simulator: Original

Bus Simulator Original, Best Bus Simulator Games For Android

This game is at number three position on our list of bus simulator games for Android because of its incredible features. It is developed by Ovidiu Pop and has over 50M downloads.

It gives you the chance to drive like a real driver with its realistic maps, amazing interiors, and incredible vehicles. This game comes with next-gen graphics for people animations, double, and school buses.


  • Offers to use 25 buses
  • Customizable weather conditions
  • Real Maps and places
  • Excellent traffic system
  • Realistic damage
  • Three controls: Steering, Buttons, and tilting
  • Good Animation when people enter or exit the bus
  • Online Multiplayer mode

4. Mobile Bus Simulator

Mobile Bus Simulator, Best Bus Simulator Games For Android

This bus simulation game is developed by LOCOS and has over 50 million downloads. In this game, you can earn money while transporting passengers from one city to another city.

You have to go through amazing places and landscapes and need to follow traffic rules. You can customize your bus by choosing from varieties of designs, models, bumpers, etc.

Amazing interiors and realistic places will give you the experience of a real bus driver.


  • Real Maps
  • Nice collection of buses
  • Realistic driving experience
  • Buttons to open and close door
  • All weather conditions
  • Different camera angles
  • Complete bus interiors
  • Smart AI and traffic system
  • Real traffic rules
  • Bus sound effects look more realistic

5. Bus Simulator: MAX

Bus Simulator MAX, Best Bus Simulator Games For Android

This game is launched by Sir Studios and has over 1 million downloads. You can create your own bus empire with lots of customization choices, realistic driving techniques, an open world map, and fun gameplay.


  • Gives real experience of driving a real coach with their advanced physics
  • You will get live passenger feedback about your driving
  • Offers lots of customization features like vinyl, platings, rims, etc. to customize your dream bus simulator
  • Big open world map to test driving skills while driving a real coach Bus on mobile
  • Optimized graphics to provide a realistic atmosphere to users

6. Bus Simulator – Bus Games 3D

Bus Games 3D, Best Bus Simulator Games For Android

This bus simulation game is developed by Jima Apps. It is a very popular app on the play store and it has over 100 million downloads. The Bus Simulator game is an exciting and fun tourist transportation game that gives you the experience of a real driver.

It offers realistic maps, HD graphics, and amazing vehicles to give you a realistic experience of bus driving. In this game, lots of passengers will be waiting at the bus station and you have to transport them to their destination.


  • HD graphics
  • Excellent and smooth bus controls
  • Controls: tilt, buttons, and steering wheel
  • Amazing bus sound effects
  • Good collection of buses
  • Amazing interiors
  • Lots of camera angles
  • Available to download for free

7. World Bus Driving Simulator

World Bus Driving Simulator, Best Bus Simulator Games For Android

This game is also one of the best bus simulator games for android. It is developed by Dynamic Games Ltda. This game is downloaded 10 million times.

It gives you the chance to drive like a real driver in Brazil and the world and test your skills on challenging roads.


  • Nice collection of buses for every type of roads
  • Offers painting skins to customize your bus with your favorite painting
  • Real driving experience for the users
  • Steering sensitivity adjustment
  • Provides both automatic and manual gearbox
  • HD graphics and customizable graphics for low-end devices
  • Day and night mode
  • Challenging roads
  • All weather conditions
  • GPS
  • Manage balance, toll booths, gas stations, etc.

8. Bus Simulator 17

Bus Simulator 17, Best Bus Simulator Games For Android

It is developed by Ovidiu app and has over 10 million downloads worldwide. This provides you with a realistic environment, detailed bus vehicles, and amazing interiors to get the experience of a real bus driver.

You can customize your own routes. HD graphics with double and school buses make this the best simulator game in the app store. This comes with an excellent traffic system to optimize the driving experience.


  • Real Maps and cities
  • Allows to drive in city, desert, mountain, and highway regions
  • Nice collection of buses (double-decker, school, etc)
  • Buttons for opening and closing the door
  • Online Multiplayer mode
  • Customize your own route
  • The real damage to vehicles
  • Amazing interiors

9. Public Transport Simulator – Coach

Public Transport Simulator, Best Bus Simulator Games For Android

This bus simulation game is developed by SkisoSoft and has over 50 million downloads. It gives you the chance to drive coach buses like a real driver. You need to transport the people to their destination who are waiting for you at the bus stations.

All buses are fully customizable and highly modeled. When you complete the task of transporting people to their destination, then you can earn in-game money and use it to buy new buses and upgrade them.


  • Realistic maps and roads
  • Real driving experience
  • Provides money after transporting passengers to their destination
  • Buses are fully customizable
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • HD graphics

10. Euro Coach Bus Simulator 3D

Euro Coach Bus Simulator, Best Bus Simulator Games For Android

This game is best for coach Bus Driving. It is developed by 360 pixel studio and has over 5 million downloads. This provides you a realistic and entertaining environment to drive coach buses in different cities and off-road regions.


  • Realistic maps and roads
  • Nice collection of coach buses
  • Fully customizable buses
  • HD graphics
  • Easy to use and fully customizable controls
  • Realistic driving experience

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These were some best bus simulator games for android that are available free to download. If you like anyone of these games, then go to Google Play Store and download and install it on your smartphone.

If you really want to enjoy your free time by playing games, then i will strongly recommend you to download these games. You can get lots of fun while playing these games.

You can enjoy lots of exciting features of bus simulator games without paying money. If you want to buy some buses and skins, then you need to spend some money.

I hope you really like this valuable information. If you also have any other queries, then mention them in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the top bus simulator game for android?

According to me, Coach Bus simulator is the best bus simulation game.

What are the best offline bus Simulator games for android?

World Bus Driving Simulator is the best offline bus simulator game.

Can I play Bus Simulator Indonesia in offline mode?

This game comes in both offline and online modes. So, you can play it offline.

Which is the most realistic bus Simulator game for android?

The most realistic bus simulation game is Coach Bus Simulator.