10 Best games like Roblox

Roblox is one of the most creative games out there. A vast community of gamers has been growing since back in 2005. It provides you with all the tools you can possibly need to expand on your imagination for the best game like Roblox.

Anything you need to showcase your creativity and imagination, Roblox has it. It lets you create your own game, or you can play from a wide range of games created by other talented people. Over a period, it may get monotonous for some people.

Therefore, we bring you this article of Roblox and explore games that offer similar creative freedom and entertainment. As with everything in this day and age, platforms may suffer from offensive and adult content.

We bring you these alternatives to Roblox for a cleaner content experience. Some of these games offer better flexibility than Roblox. Let us look at some great alternatives to Roblox.

Best Roblox alternatives to play – Games Like Roblox

Let’s begin with Minecraft one of my favorite Roblox alternatives.

1. Minecraft

Without a doubt, one of the most popular games out there today.

Minecraft has made a name for itself for its immense freedom to create and build your own worlds. It has similar elements to Roblox.

You get to build whatever you can imagine using small building blocks.

Everything in Minecraft is block-shaped. You explore and collect materials and then you use these materials to build.

In this sense, Minecraft feels a lot like Roblox.

Another mode that is available for players is the survival mode. You defend yourself and your home against wild creatures of the wild. You will need a better strategy than just hacking and slashing if you want to survive the night. 


Roblox might be all about building but sometimes you miss the action that a video game offers.

Terraria is the perfect blend of action and exploration elements. This is what makes this video game a fun game.

You not only get to explore but create a lot of stuff as well.

This game targets the retro gaming demographic. The reason is, that this is a 2D game while Roblox is a 3D game. The game starts with you scavenging and mining for supplies.

You collect supplies and fight many monsters and bosses who leave behind rare items for you to collect. You are free to choose your tactics on how you want to fight these monsters and bosses.

You have many guns, magic, and various weapons at your disposal to choose from. You will need to craft up these weapons though. This game is vast and offers endless fun and exploration options. Try not to get addicted.

3. Trove

This is a game that offers more than just a create and build a world. It also offers players an MMO experience as well.

Full of adventures in a vast universe of ‘Cornerstone’ that players can call home. It has dungeons, loot, and various building elements for players to explore.

You also get to choose from different worlds to play from.

Players also get to choose from characters based on their classes and the many abilities that these characters offer. Trove offers a highly customizable character feature for their in-game avatars.

4. Garry’s Mod

As bizarre as it may sound, Garry’s mod has no objectives. You are free to do practically anything you would like.

A game very similar to Roblox in nature but with better graphics. This is the ultimate physics sandbox game for you to enjoy for endless hours. The strong community has ensured a huge amount of content over the years.

There is a vast pool of mods you can choose from.

The silliness of some of these mods gets you hooked on the fun this game offers. You can spawn a variety of objects and then create more objects from these objects.

5. Lego Worlds

Nothing has thrown the toy industry off like the Legos. It is now doing the same in the sandbox game community.

Like other games on our list, Lego Worlds also uses blocks to build entire worlds.

Players are rewarded with studs that they get once they find and collect objects on the map. You purchase various items in the game using these studs.

Whatever you may need, be it a car, a house, or even tools, all you need to do is build them.

You build them using the Lego building blocks. You can use these crafted tools and vehicles to explore the map and run wild.

You can interact with anything you create in the game. You can have friends over as well and go wild with your imaginations to build whatever you can dream of.

No idea is crazy enough to bring to fruition in this game. Change outfits, create various creatures, or just fly away on your helicopter.


The closest game to Roblox in terms of features and similarity is KoGaMa. It lets you create games and share them with other people online. You can play with your friends as well.

The possibilities are endless.

It immerses you in the virtual world like no other. It comes with pre-installed characters as a template for you to create your own avatars.

You get to compete online in races with your friends or just hang out and have a merry time with your friends.

7. Creativerse

Inspired by two of the most popular sandbox games out there – Roblox and Minecraft. You enter the virtual world and build using the blocks. You have the option to have your friends play with you.

You are free to interact with the various flora and fauna that can be found in this 3D game.

Have a great fun time collecting and creating items using the items you find. What sets this game apart from other sandbox games is the freedom you get while building something.

It lets you rotate the blocks, get blueprints, do various wirings, and even lets you place logic gates. To save time, the game gives you the option of autofill to make your creations of various colors.

8. Animal Jam

The absolute favorite among the children. What kid does not love animals? You get to not just play with these animals; you also get to create them.

Interact with your created animals, live a virtual life, and customize characters with items from the shop.

Similarly, to Roblox, Animal Jam uses blocks for building. You also get to out on adventures, interact with other animals, and even adopt them.

You get to do whatever you like with your place.

Turn it into a place where all animals would like to come and hang out. The top-notch security of the game ensures that its young demographic is safe when playing online.

9. Wurm Unlimited

A feature-packed game like Roblox. You control all the aspects of the gameplay and get to customize it as well.

You have the liberty to set your own pace, design skill profit rates, monster tally, and various other aspects of the game. You gather resources, mine materials, build your house, and go on adventures in PvP or PvE.

Build your kingdom that looks the part as well. It has clean and smooth animations just like Roblox.

10. Minetest

Another great open-source game that is based on the voxel game engine. It allows you to play many of the games that are already available, mod the game, or create your own game and play online with your friends and family.

The game offers enormous maps that can go up to 62000 x 62000 blocks in size. You are free to dig up to 31000 blocks in either up or down direction.

You get immense creative freedom with so many texture mods available that can change the look and feel of the game in accordance with your mood and taste.

There are even automatic map generators available that use the parameters you set for it and create your world in minutes.

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There are some epic sandbox games available today in the market. Roblox has the grip on this segment, but a lot of these games are already catching up.

With huge community support for a lot of these games, there is content available for years to come.

With an active developer community, you are sure to get support for a long time or create a game of your own game using these platforms.

A lot of these games offer endless creative freedom only restricted by your imagination. Build your world brick-by-brick, block-by-block from scratch.

No matter your gameplay type, our list has you covered. Try out these games and have fun.