Top Selling Board Games Of All Time (Expert’s Picks)

Games help us to keep the mind fresh and energetic after work. We can spend quality time with friends and family while playing some board games. You can have some difficulties in finding top selling board games to play with your friends.

I like to play online games too much but when I meet with my friends or spend some time while traveling etc. then I feel playing board games will be the best option.

I didn’t know about the best board games to play. So I researched a lot and managed to find some best top selling games which I am going to share with you.

Board games were more popular before online games came into existence but these games are still getting sold in high amounts.

If you have some time or nothing to do other than spend time on your mobile phone, then you can play board games to make your mind fresher.

There are some board games that you can play with your three to four friends. Some of them are too easy and some of them are mind games that can be hard to play. But in the end, both types of games will refresh your mind.

So, In this guide, you will know why you should play board games and a list of top selling board games of all time with their information.

Why Should You Play Board Games?

As we know, games give us enjoyment when we feel bored, but there are other more benefits you can get from playing board games.

These are some benefits you will get while playing board games.

  • It increases brain function
  • It improves your smile and decreases the stress of work pressure or anything
  • This helps to increase happiness while meeting with some close ones
  • This makes a relationship stronger
  • These games remind us about real-world, not like the fake online world
  • It decreases blood pressure
  • This improves creativity and self-confidence
  • It helps us to keep patience in every situation

Top Selling Board Games of all Time

I have listed some best board games which are so popular among lots of people.

1. Stratego


This is a battlefield strategy game that you can play with your one friend. Both the players will have 40 pieces which they can use to stop the movement of the opponent on the ten by ten square board.

This game is very easy to play for children while it may be complex for adults. It is a kind of mind game that everyone likes to play in their spare time. So, because of some mental activity involved, its 20 million copies sold around all over the world.

2. Pictionary


This game was developed by Robert Angel in 1985 and it is designed by Gary Everson. It is a game of words and vocabulary. It can be played between two people. One person has to draw the words and the second one has to identify the words.

A person with a strong vocabulary can easily win this game. It also helps to make the vocabulary strong if anyone is lacking. This game was first published by Western Publishing. According to Rob Angel, 10 million copies of this game have been sold worldwide.

3. The Game of Life

The Game of Life

This game is developed by Rob Daviau and published by Hasbro in 2002. It can be played between many people. This game totally depends on daily life activities where we need to pay for something and we get something in some situations.

A person can choose to start from a job or college to complete the goals in the game with playing cards. At many points or goals, they have to pay the cost in terms of money or time. There are many points in the game where everyone has to spend some time and money.

The winner of the game will be who has the most points at the end of the game. This game has sold over 45,000 copies in starting but the number is increasing year to year. According to data, more than 50 million copies have been sold in 2015.

4. Clue


This game is developed by Anthony Pratt in 1949. It is totally a mind game in which the players have to find the murder weapons used in killing Dr. Black. So, it can be a very interesting game for those who want to solve some mysteries.

The players move to different rooms on the board and whoever finds the murder weapon first will be selected as the winner of this game. According to data, 150 million copies of this game have been sold worldwide.

5. Chess


In the current generation, everyone knows about Chess. This game also takes part in National Games, Commonwealth games, and many other tournaments. It was first developed in India and after some time, it gets changed.

It is played between two persons on a wooden or glass board having 64 squares. Each player has 16 pieces of different types. Each piece performs a different move on the board.

The main aim of this game is to defeat the king of the opponent player by moving their different kind of pieces. The One who defeats the other’s king will be the winner of this game.

This game is getting their sales increased after every year. While it is played in big tournaments, the average revenue of the chess market is $40.5 million.

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These were some top selling board games of all time in the United States and all over the world. On average, millions of copies have been sold of board games. All of these board games are easy to afford and can be played between two to four friends.

If you like to play simple games with some fun, then I will suggest you play The Game of Life. In case you like to play some mystery games or mind games, then you can choose from The Clue or Chess.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some valuable information. If you have any suggestions and queries, then mention them in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most played board game in the world?

Chess is the most popular and most played game in the world. You can play his game with your friend on a 64 square board.

Which is the first developed board game of all time?

Chess is a popular board game that was developed in the sixth century A.D.