How To Find Stream Key On Twitch (Easy Guide)

As we all know using Twitch is one of the best ways you can start your streaming.

Even if you are a noob or professional streamer. Each person can enjoy the exclusive benefits of twitch.

With easy operation mode using twitch is preferable among these famous as compared to the other streaming apps.

There are lots of features that you can use in your streaming. Twitch’s stream key is one of them.

In today’s article, we will be going through how you can use your stream key and how to operate your stream key effectively full stop so without any further a due let us get started.

How to Find Stream Key on Twitch?

Before you can go live or stream on twitch there are a few things that you need to note down.

1. The first one is you need software to operate the twitch key. Software like

  • OBS Studio
  • Xsplit
  • Streamlabs OBS.

2. These are all encoding apps that will help you to encode or decode the twitch app.

3. The first thing you need to do is go to the twitch official site and from there login.

4. Once you have logged in, on the top right corner you can see your profile. Click on it.

5. Select the setting option from there.

6. Then search for Preferences.

7. After that under preferences click on Channel.

8. Once you have clicked on the channel, then copy and paste the string of codes from the above software.

Viola, you now can operate the stream key option from twitch.

Wasn’t it easy? Within 5 minutes you can now go live on twitch.

Method 2

1. Go to the official site of twitch, which is

2. Login to your account. Once you have logged in go to your profile setting.

3. Under that click on create a dashboard.

4. Go to your settings which are given on the left side of your screen.

5. Click on the stream option under the settings.

6. Copy the primary stream key which would be seen on your screen.

7. Viola you have your stream key in front of you.

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Final thoughts

Finding a stream key on twitch is very simple. But before you do or copy your stream key make sure you never share your primary stream key or stream key with anyone.

This would lead to misusing of your account. And if you feel that your primary stream key is linked then you can simply click on the change option which is given next to your stream key.

And if you want to know what is written on or what exactly your primary stream key is then you can click on the show option which is given under your primary stream key.

I hope that this article was able to help you with your problem. If you still feel that you are unable to understand then feel free to contact us in the comment section.


How many times can I create my stream key?

There are multiple times you can create your new stream key.

Can I use another software stream key?

Yeah, you can, there is no harm in using another software stream keys. In the end, if they are supported by twitch you can use them as an alternative.