How To Skip YouTube Sponsored Content (Easy Guide)

When you are watching a favorite movie or song on YouTube and suddenly sponsored content appears on the screen, then what will you do? Simple, you will skip the sponsored content or look for ways to skip YouTube sponsored content.

This sponsored content feels very annoying when it appears while we are studying on YouTube. So, it completely distracts our minds. This happened to me many times when I used YouTube to study in Covid 19 situation.

After some research, I found that it is very easy to skip sponsored content. There is a feature YouTube vanced and an extension SponsorBlock available which helps to skip sponsored content on YouTube.

You can install the SponsorBlock extension on your browser to automatically skip all sponsors from YouTube videos. This extension also works well on PC to skip the intro, outros, and subscription reminders of videos.

So, in this guide, I am sharing the steps to skip YouTube sponsored content. You can follow these steps on your device like mobile or desktop.

Let’s deep dive into this guide.

What is SponsorBlock?


SponsorBlock helps to skip sponsors, intros, outros, reminders for subscriptions, and other non-compulsory parts of videos on YouTube.

It is a crowdsourced extension for browsers that lets users submit the start and end times of sponsored segments of videos on YouTube.

When you submit this information, then the other users with this extension will also skip sponsored segments.

Features of SponsorBlock

There are some main features of SponsorBlock:

1. It allows to skip non-music sections of music videos.

2. YouTube sponsors will be skipped automatically by using this extension.

3. It supports both old YouTube and mobile YouTube.

How to Skip YouTube Sponsored Content

(a) Skip Sponsored Content on YouTube Desktop

This extension works on every browser like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. But I am using Google Chrome browser.

There are steps to skip sponsored content on desktop YouTube.

1. Open your Google Chrome Web Store.

2. Install SponsorBlock for YouTube – Skip the Sponsorships extension on your browser.

3. After completing the installation, an extension settings page will appear on your screen.

4. Review and change settings according to you.

5. Now, open on your desktop and select a video that has a sponsor.

6. You will see that Sponsor segments are skipped automatically.

This is the way to skip Sponsored Content on YouTube Desktop.

(b) Skip Sponsored Content on YouTube Mobile

To remove sponsored content on YouTube Mobile, you need to download a third-party YouTube vanced app. It has lots of features like removing ads from YouTube, end cards, removing shorts, and other annoying things.

There are some steps you need to follow and set up the settings to remove sponsored content.

1. Go to the app store on your mobile and download YouTube Vanced app.

2. You can check all the features and themes on the downloading page which are available to use.

3. Now, install the app and follow the main steps.

4. Open YouTube vanced app.

5. Now Go to Settings and then select Sponsored block settings.

6. Make Sponsored block enable to remove sponsored content on youtube videos.

7. You can choose other types of sponsor block settings manually like intro and outros. Like if you want to see only the intro then select the intro block and set this to do nothing.

You need to know that YouTube vanced app is discontinued after getting issues from Google. The Vanced Officials and creators announced that this app will be discontinued in the upcoming days and all the download links will be removed.

But, this app will continue to work on Android phones. If it doesn’t get updated, then it can stop working in the future.

Remove Sponsored Content on YouTube Mobile by using Newpipe

There is one more app available which is NewPipe Legacy that can be used to block sponsorship content on YouTube.

Follow these steps to set up the settings of NewPipe.

1. Download Newpipe on your mobile phone.

2. Open the app and select the three-dot menu.

3. Click on Sponsor Block.

4. Select API URL and enter there.

5. Now, you need to enable all SponsorBlock disable options.

This is the way to skip sponsored content on YouTube Mobile.

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These were the easy steps that you can follow to skip YouTube sponsored content. These steps are easy to follow without having technical knowledge.

Before skipping sponsored content, you need to think about small Youtubers who can lose their revenue through sponsored ads. It’s your choice to skip sponsored content or not.

If skipping sponsored content is very necessary for you, then you must skip it. On the other hand, if you are okay with sponsored content then you don’t need to skip them. You can help the YouTube Community to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Skip YouTube Sponsored Content?

SponsorBlock helps to skip over sponsors, intros, outros reminders for subscriptions, and also other annoying parts of YouTube videos.

How does SponsorBlock work?

It is an open-source browser extension specially designed to skip sponsored content. It works on the basis of data submitted by the user.

Does SponsorBlock work with YouTube Premium?

Yes, SponsorBlock works best with YouTube Premium.

How popular is SponsorBlock?

SponsorBlock is used by over 1 million people. This is because it works best to skip YouTube sponsored content.

For how much time do YouTube Sponsorships last?

The sponsored ads will be seen for three years with evergreen content.