How To Fix HBO Max App Black Screen?

Are you tired of fixing black screen issues in HBO Max App? In this post, we will see how to Fix HBO Max App Black Screen.

What an ideal way to spend your Sunday evening binge-new movies or tv shows. 

As you were engrossed watching your show out of nowhere your app got a black screen. 

So what to do especially when this happened to your precious HBO Max? 

So  How To Fix HBO Max App Black Screen? Do not worry I got your black. 

Today we will be discussing various ways and reasons why your HBO Max is not working. 

Various ways to fix your HBO Max App Black Screen

HBO Max is a perfect recreation to watch your favorite tv shows or movies.

 But periodically, when you attempt to open HBO Max on your iPhone or Android device.  

There’s a high risk of some glitches. Although this is a prevalent problem with the app still it may affect your mood. 

So today will be discussing how you can overcome these black screen bugs or glitches without wasting so much time of yours. 

There can be numerous justifications for why your HBO Max streaming service might be showing bugs or technical glitches. 

Today we will take about a few common issues that people have 

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1. The device Is Not Compatible

This is one of the banalest reasons why your HBO Max is not working. 

HBO Max is only supported with specific devices. 

If you are using a device that HBO Max does not support then you may face technical bugs. 

Your app may hang from time to time. To ensure a smooth and easy ride we recommend you use compatible devices. 

Some of the devices which are compatible with HBO Max are iOS, Android, smartphones, tablets, and computers. 

And make sure that you are using the latest version of HBO Max.

2. Not Yet Activated Your Subscription

This is the second most common reason why your HBO Max app is not working. HBO Max is not for free people have this misconception that you could use HBO Max without pain any money. 

Therefore to use HBO Max you first need to subscribe to their plans depending on your convenience. 

And if you have subscribed to their plan and still your HBO Max app is hanging then call your call there customer service they would sort out your problem. 

3. Not Connected To The Internet

This is also one of the most widespread issues that people face. 

To Binge on HBO Max, you need to have a better connection and you need to be connected to your internet without the Internet you would be unable to watch HBO Max.

So make sure you are using better quality internet service and there is no disturbance in your Wi-Fi connection watch HBO Max.

If you are internet connection is poor or you are not properly connected to the internet then your HBO Max app screen would display a black screen. 

4. Not Have Enough Storage Space

One of the reasons why you’re facing a problem with your HBO Max as a with your storage problem. 

 And if your phone storage is full up, you might have trouble with your HBO Max app. 

If you do not have enough storage on your mobile phone then your HBO Max performance would be affected.

And you may see a blank or black screen displaying on your phone or device.

5. Using An Unsupported Browser

HBO Max aids only certain internet browsers.

 if you are utilizing a groundless browser, the app may seem as though it is loading but then will eventually show a black screen. 

So make sure that you have checked out the list of HBO Max-supporting browsers.

6. Router-related problems

If you’re operating your HBO Max app with a router or maybe a hotspot device. 

The reason why HBO Max is not working appropriately would be because of any advanced settings that have been allowed on the router. 

So make sure your setting are correct. 

7. Reinstall or reboot your device

Sometimes HBO Max app might not work due to some unknown reasons. 

In that case, you could always opt for reinstalling or rebooting your phone. 

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8. VPN mode turns on

Sometimes we often tend to forget to switch off our Vpn mode. 

Thus this might be one of the reasons why your HBO Max is not working well. 

So make sure your VPN mode is off. 

9. Using a browser extension 

HBO Max does not support any browser extension. So make sure you have enabled the browser extension to get better streaming. 

Update your system or HBO max app 

One of the reasons that can be why your HBO Max is not working may be due to you not using the latest version. 

So make sure you are using the latest version of your mobile system and HBO Max. 

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To sum up

I hope you were able to find the solutions to your problems by using the above methods mentioned. 

One thing you need to keep in your mind is that although the solution is mentioned correctly yet it may work for you or not. 

In simple terms, the above solution would work in your favor or may not. 

Still, at the end of the day, if you are facing problems with your HBO Max then feel free to reach out to the HBO Max team they would happily assist.