How To Block Ads On Instagram (Easy Guide)

Instagram mainly generates its revenue through advertisements. Businesses post their ads on Instagram to increase brand visibility and increase sales. It is a favorite marketplace for businesses because of the high number of users.

When businesses post their advertisement then Instagram charges some money, in this way Instagram earns money through advertisement.

But advertisements can be annoying for some users who don’t want to purchase anything. The level of annoyance increases when we see the same ads most of the time.

So, users don’t want to see ads again on their Instagram ads and are looking for ways to block ads on Instagram. If you are also getting lots of Instagram ads on your Instagram ads, we are going to mention all the ways to get rid of ads.

In this guide, we will explain about the types of Instagram ads, how Instagram ads work, and the ways to block ads on Instagram.

So, without wasting any time, let’s go through it.

What are the types of Instagram Ads?

An Instagram user can see ads in feeds and stories where he/she is watching content published by the following account. Instagram ads can also be seen in the Interesting section where we find an account to follow.

Instagram ads appear with an Advertise icon and call to action button. These are some types of Instagram ads.

  • Video: you can see ads in videos in square or portrait format
  • Images: the ads can be seen in the square, horizontal or vertical images.
  • Carpet Gallery: ads shown in feed and stories in a vertical and square orientation
  • Instagram Reels: this is the new feature of Instagram where ads start to appear.
  • Instagram Stories: Full-screen vertical format.

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How do Instagram Ads work?

Instagram ads work according to your recent activities on Instagram. Like if you spend more time commenting and liking Sports goods stores, then you will have ads related to sports goods on your news feed.

Instagram tracks your activities not only on their platform but also on Facebook which is the same company. You will get similar ads on both of these platforms.

Most advertisers use a Facebook exchange which is a retargeting service to track the browsing habits of different people. When you use Adblocker on the Chrome browser, then you can ban some ads. Mobile apps only show most of the ads.

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How to Identify Instagram Ads?

You can see Instagram ads in your news feed and stories. The ads will be labeled with Sponsored and a call to action button. Ads can be in image or video format, and it targets you to take action.

Some actions for the company purposes are:

  • Download to download an advertised form or something
  • Install Now for apps
  • Shop Now to buy the product
  • Sign Up to register on a website
  • View Instagram Profile to check businesses or someone’s profile
  • Learn More to get detailed information about the product
  • Send Messages to interact with business
  • Book now to book a product or appointment.

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How to View Instagram Ads Information?

You can check the Instagram ads information by following these steps.

1. Open Instagram on your mobile phone or PC.

2. Select your Profile picture.

3. Click on the three horizontal line bar menu.

4. Go to Settings.

5. Select Ads.

6. Click Ad activity

Now you can see recent activities according to your engagements with businesses. You can choose Ad topics to see ads related to selected topics.

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How to Block Ads On Instagram?

There are some steps to block ads on Instagram.

Method 1. Hide Instagram Ads

If an ad annoys you repeatedly, then you can hide it by following these steps.

1. Open your Instagram feed.

2. Select a Post you want to hide.

3. Tap on three-dot menu on the post.

4. Select Hide Ad.

5. Now choose the appropriate reason for hiding and confirm the selection.

With this method, it is a very low chance that you will get these ads again on your new feed. But, if you want to remove an inappropriate ad from Instagram, then you have to report it.

Method 2. Report Instagram Ads

Follow these steps to report inappropriate ads on Instagram.

1. Select three-dot menu on the post.

2. Select Report Ad.

3. Now choose a reason to report the ad and confirm the selection.

The ad will be removed instantly by Instagram from its platform if they find it violates community standards.

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Method 3. Block Brand Accounts

The other method is to block the account of a specific brand or company. So, for this follow these steps.

1. Select a Sponsored post and click on the Company name.

2. Now you will land on the company’s profile page. Select three-dot menu on the profile.

3. Tap Block.

4. Now choose from the two options, First will be for blocking the profile only, and the second for blocking future profiles. So, choose the first option.

This method will remove a specific company’s ads from your profile if you don’t wish to see them again.

Method 4. Use Instagram on Mobile Phone Browser

You can use any browser to use Instagram on your mobile phone. Some best browsers are Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari which give a better experience of Instagram to the users.

The Consequence of using Instagram on browsers is that you can’t use and enjoy the latest features and filters. But, you will really get rid of Instagram ads. This method is not beneficial for those who want to enjoy stories, features, and filters on Instagram.

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Method 5. Use Web Version of Instagram

You can use the web version to block ads on Instagram. Have you ever tried the web version? You can see some differences between the app and the web version of Instagram.

The web version works the same as the app where you can scroll the feed, search profiles, and like and comment on photos and videos. But, you will not get any Instagram ads.

If you don’t want to see ads, just use the web version from your PC or Mobile Phone. To use Web Version, follow these steps.

1. Open a browser.

2. Go to the Instagram website.

3. log in to your account.

4. Now you will see refreshed feed where you can scroll feed, and do likes and comment on posts without any ads.

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By following the above methods, you can easily block ads on Instagram. These methods are very easy as they look. So, anyone can follow them without any hassle.

It feels very annoying when we see ads on Instagram while watching reels or posts. We completely lost our enjoyment when we saw the ads between reels. So it is very necessary to block ads on Instagram.

To get rid of ads, you can hide ads, report ads, and block brand accounts. Most ads appear on reels, so use the Web version of Instagram or use Instagram on PC.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any other queries, then mention them in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to turn off ads on Instagram?

  • Open Instagram app
  • Select profile
  • Select three dot menu
  • Go to settings
  • Now select Advertising
  • Toggles Ads to Off.

How to Stop Suggestions on Instagram?

To disable suggestions on Instagram, follow these steps.

  • Open Instagram
  • Select profile
  • Select three dot menu
  • Tap Settings
  • Now select Suggestions
  • Toggle off.

How to block ads on Instagram for iPhone?

You can use an AdBlocker app or install a third-party browser to block ads on iPhone

Is AdBlocker safe to use?

AdBlocker is safe if they are used correctly. Choose a reputed AdBlocker otherwise you can get potential risks.