Top 10 best apps for Medicine Delivery

Medicine remains one of the greatest things that we as the human species have invented. But we have been used to visiting pharmacies to obtain them. In this post, we will see the top 10 best apps for medicine delivery.

However, ever since the pandemic hit the world, the world was left scratching their heads and searching all over the internet for medicine to be delivered to their homes.

Today we are going to be looking at various apps that are available for you to use and get the medicines that you need to be delivered to your doorsteps. 

This was a great market and many developers became interested and started working on it. Now there are many apps available today.

Let us go ahead and check some of the best apps that fulfill this need. There are a lot of factors that were taken into account before narrowing down the list to these apps.

So rest assured, these are the best apps available in the market for this purpose.

Also, another thing that one must know before proceeding with the list is that this list was created with apps that are available in the United States. It may be possible that the apps are available in other countries as well. But it is guaranteed that these apps are available to be used in the US.

With that out of the way, let’s go ahead and check out the list of the apps:

1. CVS Pharmacy

This app is based in the USA and is owned by a USA-based company known as CVS Health. The biggest pharmacy chain in the USA. They deliver orders in more than 9000+ areas in the USA. This app delivers medicine to your doorstep.

This app also delivers other products that one would find at a pharmacy store. From skin care products to first aid, you name it.

Anything that you can buy from a pharmacy store, you can get delivered to your home with this app.

It is highly rated on stores of both platforms (Android and iOS). CVS has got this right and made the experience for the user to be as smooth as possible. And that has contributed to its positive review across the entire country of the USA.

This app has a great interface. Very friendly and easy to use for any user of any age. They have made it convenient for all ages.

This app has made it easy for anyone to get their pharmacy needs met from the comfort of their homes.

One can also get their regular medicines prescription refilled through this app. Has a large variety of products that are available from which the user can choose and get them delivered.

And for all those reasons, it remains one of the best home delivery apps for all your pharmacy needs.

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2. Capsule Pharmacy

This is another app that is based in the USA. A popular app that has made the competition stiff in the market.

This app has a great interface, and almost every user of the app has loved it after using it. It is one of the most highly rated apps on the Apple Store and is also rated very highly on Android as well. 

The thing that plays one of the biggest factors in the contribution of the app’s success is the same-day delivery guarantee that this offers.

This feature has attracted a large population to this app. 

Capsule only has one store in each city. So for every city, each customer gets their order delivered from one store. Customers can also choose to visit their pharmacy store in person if they desire to.

Another great feature that this app has is that it shows your prescription details which one finds hard to decode. It shows you how much it is going to cost, how many times, and how many doses a day you have to take.

This gives a huge edge to this app as it feels more personalized compared to other apps.

Another great feature of the app is that it provides a pharmacist to chat with. And that support is available for you 24 hours, 7 days a week. Whenever you have any confusion, you can just go to the app and talk with a pharmacist to help you. 


This company was founded in 2015 only. But it took very little to climb the ladder of success. A lot of factors contributed to their success.

For starters, they’re an easy registration process. Any patient can register and login onto the app, and upload their prescription and get their medicine delivered to their doorstep.

This helps a lot of people who find it hard to read a doctor’s writing and figure out the name of the medicine. The prescription-based delivery is one of the best features of this app, and this has helped them cater to a large audience.

The app also promises one-day delivery of your medicines. So rest assured that your medication will be reaching you in a timely manner. Also, this app does have the feature of getting you connected with a pharmacist on a video call.

You can go ahead and talk with them over the video call, and make sure that you are getting the right medication. 

Another huge bonus feature that this app has is that your doctors can also register themselves and upload your prescription directly. And based on that, your medicine would get delivered on the basis of the prescription.

The chances of human error of buying the wrong medicine have also been removed through this app.


PillPack is a delivery app owned by Amazon. The giants of delivering things to your doorstep have stepped up to the game once again.

They have some of the best features available on this app for their users.

They have taken the personalization of the app to a whole new level. Whenever a customer orders their medicine, they have it delivered to their home.

Now the great thing is that it is delivered in a sorted manner that is according to the time and the dosages of medicine that have to be taken which has been prescribed by the doctor to them. 

Now taking that even further, this app provides you the feature of adding a person as a caregiver.

A person who would be notified about your medicine time and dosages on a regular basis. And if a pharmacist is unable to get in touch with the patient for any questions or queries, they can get in touch with the caregiver to make sure that there is no delay in the medication for the patient.

The app also sends notifications to both the patient, and the caregiver about the shipments and refill needs. So if you are looking for a delivery app, never write off Amazon from the competition.


NetMeds is another delivery app that is based in the USA. However, this app has become one of the most popular apps worldwide when it comes to delivering medicine.

This app has gained popularity in the USA. It is highly rated by its users on Google Play Store and also on iOS. This provides discounts on all the medicines and also it makes sure that the order is delivered within 2-3 days anywhere in the world.

This app also provides fitness-related products aside from medicine delivery. Another great feature of this app is the fact that it allows you to book a doctor’s appointment online, and you can have a follow-up appointment without any cost.

This app also provides information to the user about various health issues that one can experience and how to tackle them. This has led to a great knowledge expansion in the app user. 

Apart from doctor’s appointments, you can also book all sorts of medical test appointments as well. 

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1MG is another great medicine delivery app in the USA. It is easy and convenient and easy to navigate through.

The entire process of ordering has been made seamless through the interface of the app.

You can quickly purchase the medicine that you need and get them delivered to your doorstep.

They offer all sorts of information about the medicines that you have ordered as well. From dosages to the side effects and alternatives which are available. 

This app is a complete healthcare app for anyone who is looking for it. Apart from delivering medicines to your home, this app also provides a feature that will allow you to connect with doctors and consult with them online at no charge at all.

Get the advice that you are looking for from various health experts that are available for you through this app. 

Also, another feature that needs to be mentioned about this app is that it provides all the medicines that you have ordered at discounted prices of up to 20%. So you would be saving a lot of money on medicines as well through this app.

7. Medlife

Medlife is one of the most popular delivery apps in the USA for medicines. It takes between 1-2 days to get the medicines that you have ordered to be delivered to your home.

This app has the feature of being able to pay for the order through cash when it is delivered. This feature is rare in the medicine delivery app business. It also has 100K + products that you can buy, and those would not require any prescription. 

This app has won multiple awards in the healthcare department. Various medical and healthcare-related products are available for you to buy from the app.

You can also consult a doctor online through this app.

This app also provides heavy discounts on almost all of its products. So that your wallet is not going to burn holes in your pocket. In terms of availability, this app is delivered in more than 2500 cities.

So rest easy cause this app is available almost across the entire US to be utilized. 


RiteAid has been one of the most successful medicine delivery apps in the US.

It has constantly gained popularity and slowly moved on its path to success.

It has multiple medical store chains and it operates on the basis of those. The app is easy to use and with a single tap, you can get your medicines to be delivered right to your home. 

RiteAid also allows you to buy various other products apart from your medicines. From healthcare to diet products to exercise products. If you can think of anything that you desire to make yourself healthier, you can get it through this app.

It gained even more popularity when it started to open CoronaVirus testing centers in different states during the pandemic. 

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All the great medicine delivery apps have been provided to you through this app. You can check each one out and you will find the one that suits you among these apps.

They are available on Android and iOS. And the apps have proven themselves through their success. So be comfortable at your home, and get those medicines that you need home delivered.